Compilation: 5 Amazing Flan Recipes

Compilation: 5 Amazing Flan Recipes

Flan is a dessert so simple and quick to prepare, that whenever you decide to cook it, you will have success assured. It is so creamy, at the same time cool, and so easy to eat, that it always ends in the blink of an eye. You know that, despite its simplicity, it requires a cooling time, so I advise you to prepare it the day before in order to have it very cool.

Compilation: 5 Amazing Flan RecipesNowadays we can prepare it in the microwave and save a lot of time, but you can choose the traditional method of bath water in pot or oven. The advice I give you is to let it boil over low heat and before you put out the fire, check with a skewer that has completely curdled you. If you follow this little advice, you will not find the surprise of having cooked it little and that you will spread.

Compilation: 5 Amazing Flan RecipesTo write this compilation I have had the help of my colleagues in Red Facilisimo, who have provided me with their best recipes. I hope you like them all and that you prepare them.

 I will present you a  Quesillo (recipe here) , It is a typical Canarian dessert, which carries eggs, milk, condensed milk and lemon. The ingredients are mixed and the mixture is poured into a caramelized mold, which we take to the microwave. Once cooked, allow to cool to room temperature and then in the refrigerator. A real treat you will want to try. I leave  videorecorder  for you to make the caramel yourself, as well as the quesillo.

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The recipe we are suggesting is a Flan of donuts and cinnamon (recipe here). It is prepared with an envelope of preparation of flan, donuts, milk, cinnamon and mint. Prepare the flan in the stove with the milk and the prepardado and once hot cinnamon is added. Sevierte on the caramelized mold in which we have put the donuts in pieces and let cool. You just have to see it to know that you are the richest.

Compilation: 5 Amazing Flan RecipesThe proposal is the orange and caramel cake (no oven) . Bring cream (cream), condensed milk, juice, gelatin and caramel. The preparation is very simple and the result spectacular.

From the Kitchen blog to good hours, the suggestion is this condensed milk Flan (recipe here). You will need eggs, condensed milk, cream (or cream) and cream cheese. Mix everything and pour into the caramelized pan. This is cooked in the microwave with a spectacular result. You have videorecorder where they explain to you wonderfully so that you have this look.

Compilation: 5 Amazing Flan Recipes It is a Cream Flan (cream of milk) or cream of milk (recipe here). Bring eggs, cream (cream) or cream of milk, milk, sugar and caramel. The mold is caramelized and the preparation poured out to mix all the ingredients. It is then microwaved and cooled. It is a very creamy and very rich recipe. Besides, I’ll leave you a videotape so that it stays the same as mine.