How to dress in the style of Cheryl Blossom from the TV series "Riverdale"

How to dress in the style of Cheryl Blossom from the TV series “Riverdale”

The new TV series “Riverdale” not so long ago appeared on the screens, but already had an unprecedented popularity and crowds of fans. Particularly loved by the audience is one of the main characters – Cheryl Blossom. Actress Madelaine Petsh plays a rich girl with a developed ability to manipulate people.

More recently, the heroine lost her twin brother in extremely mysterious circumstances, but she was remembered by a wide audience at all, not this dramatic moment – the enthusiasm of the fans is the style of Cheryl. In many domestic and foreign social networks, entire groups have been created with posts about how to dress just like the high school student from the series. This article presents several interesting images of Cheryl, which can be repeated.

Dating with a guy

How to dress in the style of Cheryl Blossom from the TV series "Riverdale"

A fitted red dress without sleeves and with a naked back, worn by Blossom, will make any girl sexy and attractive. Also, one of the main characters used a Bordeaux lipstick and the tone of her small handbag on a long chain. Open neck is decorated with long beads. On the legs are painted black suede “boats” on a high hairpin. Romantic enough, is not it? But Cheryl would just not be without a leather scoop on top.

Going to the gym

How to dress in the style of Cheryl Blossom from the TV series "Riverdale"

Fit nylon tights color graphite and red top – too easy for Cheryl Blossom? Perhaps, yes, but the image is diluted with branded sneakers with a bright combination of cherry and red flowers, as well as a sports scarlet bag. The heroine does not like pathos, but she is far from being simple, so she made a great make-up in the gym, because even while doing sports, Cheryl remains, first of all, a girl. Mike is represented by light corporal shadows, brown-pink lipstick, chocolate mascara and pink blushes.

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Walking on a cool evening

Black leggings with a high fit and a red top on thin straps – oh, this is a favorite combination of the colors of the heroine, supplemented by a black duck and ankle boots on a wide heel. Of accessories – a purple bag and a large ring with a ruby. On the lips is the wine luster of lipstick.

Business meetings

How to dress in the style of Cheryl Blossom from the TV series "Riverdale"

A white turtleneck with a purple-colored collar, a red skirt – Blossom does not tolerate excessive modesty and restraint in his clothes. Piquancy, light colors, and sensuality are present even in the business style of the girl. All the same black “boats” with a deep cut on the hairpin perfectly complement its image, and there really can not do without a proprietary raisin – red lipstick, glasses “cat’s eye” and stylish handbag.

A cheerful style for visiting tourists

How to dress in the style of Cheryl Blossom from the TV series "Riverdale"

White shorts with arrows, red topless strapless with flounces on the shoulders, white leather sandals on a flat sole, sunglasses with red bows in the shape of “cat’s eye” – Blossom bright and diverse.

At parties, the heroine of the series puts on a knitted tight dress with favorite flounces. Of the accessories – a red leather bag-clutch, on the neck – beautiful beads, in the ears – stylish long earrings. On his feet are white sandals with a wide heel. Well, in addition, a black leather jacket with scarlet lips – this is Sheryl’s style, there’s nothing to be done.

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Pick up clothes in the style of Madeleine Petch is very simple. The minimum of fabric, no foam, cups, pits and other non-sexual – only lace, thin satin ribbons, and inserts of velvet. The colors are simple – black, red, a little white.

As you can see, it’s not difficult to imitate the beloved heroine of the TV series “Riverdale”. Its unique corporate style cannot be confused with anything. A few seductive elements, a line of lipsticks and nail polish favorite brand from scarlet to dark cherry color, things with a print of roses, red stones in jewelry and a bit of daring – this is the style of Cheryl.

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