31 ideas to make learning fun in August, it’s easy!

learning fun

Do you have the luck to start the holiday in August? Are you worried about what to do with the children? We will give you 31 ideas for small learn while having fun in summer because the family leisure time offers many possibilities for enjoyment, because we have to find activities for children do not get bored and also stimulate them.

On the beach or in the mountains, at home or outdoors, we have an opportunity to spend more time with our children and there will be time for everything. So here you have 31 proposals, one for each day of the month (sure you repeat) for the kids to keep learning beyond the duties.

learning fun
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Oral and written language

  • Leed stories, count stories, Invent stories, resumid your favorite movies …Stop reading in summer is a bad idea.
  • A journal of summer: Visual if the child is small, with more text if you already know how to write, leave to paper the highlights of the holidays is a great idea.
  • Make together the shopping list and go to the supermarket, which not only make the children are set on writing but feel responsible and involved in family tasks, learn about healthy food …
  • Count how the day went, what we liked most weekend … Talk, listen to understand, they are simple but indispensable “exercises”.
  • Recognize letters on posters, labels, magazines, television … can be done anywhere, since we are surrounded by written language. The older ones and read longer texts.

To learn numbers

  • Account, orders and classifies their toys, clothes, we collect shells on the beach, the items in the shopping cart …
  • Look at the license plate numbers, prices on the labels …
  • We can use the meter to measure all her family members d, different objects at home, toys …
  • We do not rule out the games, from the classics to the most innovative, for different ages.

Motor skills and senses

  • Manipulate those new items for kids: beach toys, fruits (new flavors) …
  • Make sandcastles and destroying enjoy!
  • Walk, run, jump barefoot in the sand.
  • Prepares a sensory box the beach, to stimulate the senses and imagination.
  • Building sets to fit parts help the development of visual coordination and manual small.
  • Work out puzzles, there are many types and for any age.
  • Relaxing massage. The benefits of infant massage are many, but children can also give us a (more or less) relaxing massage dads.
  • Cocinad with children, all learning and not only for the palate. Smaller can help in simple tasks such as mixing ingredients, seasoning … and older will become the creators of their own original dishes.
  • Make trips when the heat does not tighten: field, beach, mountains, towns … the possibilities are endless and our environment can walk or bike. Write down what you like best: sight, touch, smell, sounds …

Do not stop the Music

  • Listen and sing songs from the most infantile and classic to the latest hits.
  • Ballad the music that inspires you .
  • Relaxing music is ideal for napping or evening. And what accompanied by a gentle massage?
  • What you hear in a shell? How sound waves of the sea? Explored the sounds of summer.
  • Mult to recognize the most evocative classical music for children birds, sea, animals…

Body expression

  • There are many games movement in which we exercise, run, jump, imitate animals…
  • Dancing exercise is also done and there are many more reasons to move the skeleton with our children.
  • Become actors, imitating animals and fun characters: an astronaut, a pirate, a superhero, a snake, a dinosaur …
  • Yoga for children and seniors will we relax body and mind, exploring new body postures.


  • Make crafts of all kinds, with objects we have at home, recycling, clay … From paper airplanes checkered pulses, the possibilities are endless.
  • Visit a museum (or several!), As these can be great fun with the kids . We can also find the most famous paintings on the Internet.
  • Allow the child is an artist a photographer, if you have your own child camera can let our own, with the help may take his first photographs.
  • Capture your best moments of the summer to create a memorable album.

We hope these 31 ideas to make learning fun in summer do you spend very good moments in family, every day of the month and several times each day, and as you can see are perfectly combined activities. Happy August! For more tips visit http://gamesplanet.org/.