What Is Online Reputation? The Importance of Digital Identity

What Is Online Reputation? The Importance of Digital Identity

The digital transformation of companies has contributed to the construction of hyper-connected channels where users participate, express themselves, interact and collaborate. In this context, each person is shown with a series of attributes that define their online personality. The digital identity consists of information about an individual exposed on the Internet and online reputation, on the other hand, is the social opinion that other users have of the online experience of a person.

As for the business world, the story does not change much. The online reputation and digital identity of a business are defined by the content that appears on the Internet about it: text, images, comments, Social Networks…

The key to the rise of the importance of online reputation lies in the feedback. The information that forms digital of a company not only poured by the business itself but they are the actual users of the Internet who project the image of the company in the network.

Thousands of businesses have suffered millionaire losses for not having managed to properly manage online reputation: a fairly clear example is United Airlines. The airline broke a guitar to a customer on a commercial flight, until there are things that can happen, games of the trade. The problem is that United Airlines did not know how to handle the customer’s complaints, that all he wanted was a new guitar. The user made a video with a song that literally said: United Airlines breaks guitars and became one of the most watched YouTube videos at the time. Result in an unprecedented online reputation crisis for not having managed to manage the digital identity.What Is Online Reputation? The Importance of Digital Identity

This example is one of the most clarifying and funny to explain that today it is essential to take care of the image of your company on the Internet. Far from being the most current one, it seems one of the most representatives to explain the importance of caring for the digital identity and the reputation of a brand.

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5 keys to maintaining the digital identity of a company

1- Take care of everything you post

All media can cause a digital identity crisis. A common mistake is to pay excessive attention to the website, and neglect other media such as social networks or blogs. Take into account details such as spelling (faults discredit your brand), the orientation of those contents and the management of negative comments, try to neutralize them with cordial answers.

2- Control what is said about your company

Stay up to date on what is said about your online business to see if it is positive or negative and, in the latter case, try to solve it. In this article, we explain the main alternative channels where your brand is discussed so you can monitor them and take care of your online reputation. In it you will discover why it is essential to review what is said about your company in:

  • Opinion forums
  • News aggregators
  • Media
  • Influencers
  • Marketplaces
  • Product comparators
  • Your own social profiles
  • The information that your offline environment provides you

3- Watch your competition

It is vital to control what is said about your direct competition, it can give you clues about whether you are doing it right or wrong and even know some mistakes that you should avoid. The successes and mistakes of your main competitors are always a source of information and ideal inspiration.

What Is Online Reputation? The Importance of Digital Identity4- Monitor Social Networks

They are the main source of a digital identity crisis. Try to respond regularly to comments, and give special emphasis to negatives through friendly and cordial responses. You will achieve a positive reputation.

5- Beware of personal profiles of executives and investors

Although a personal profile a priori should not affect the company level, the reality is that if you have a business with investors or partners, all the information that circulates about you on the Internet is also important. Take care of it to the fullest. To do this, try to periodically monitor what they say and say about your most representative managers, investors, and partners.

As we have seen, managing an online reputation is very important to improve your presence on the Internet and grow with your digital strategy. Are you ready to face a digital identity crisis? Are you going to leave the online reputation of your company in inexpert hands?

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