6 Tips For Using Instagram As An Educational Tool

6 Tips For Using Instagram As An Educational Tool

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks of recent times and can be used both for fun and to learn

  • Schools must keep an eye on the latest technological developments.
  • Teachers can extend the concepts transmitted in class through images or take advantage of the various resources of this network.
  • For students, it is important to have an environment in which they feel understood and at ease.

The classrooms today are full of students belonging to new generations, from  Millennials to the members of the Z generation. These students, known as digital natives, have grown up in a world dominated by social networks and new technologies.

6 Tips For Using Instagram As An Educational Tool

When choosing educational programs, this type of students requires centers and teachers adapted to the digital age, who understand and value the contribution of new technologies and allow them to use them for their learning. And it does not only allow the use of tablets and computers in the classroom but to use these tools in their own planning of courses.

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These tools make students feel comfortable because they are handled with complete ease when using technology. Achieving that the classroom becomes a learning environment where students feel comfortable is the dream of every teacher, therefore, those who work teaching new generations must learn to make use of new technologies and, especially, of the social networks.

Instagram inside the classroom

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks of the moment, the network that has enhanced the culture of the image and that, through its direct and stories, allows you to know every minute of the lives of celebrities, artists, family, and friends.

6 Tips For Using Instagram As An Educational Tool

Oddly enough, this network can be used in educational settings. As a way to educate emotions by associating concepts and images, as a point of reference to talk about creativity, as a source of inspiration, to show what is done in class, as an example of certain phenomena, etc.

It is only necessary to know who to follow in this network or define a strategy of use for the group and include it in the day to day learning. Achieving it can be something complex for teachers not totally familiar with these networks, so we pointed out the 6 tips that every teacher should take into account when using Instagram as an educational tool:

  • Allow the creativity of the students, both at the time of taking pictures and when to operate in this network.
  • Use it as a means to show the center and the community the progress of the students.
  • Use it as a source to look for creativity.
  • Transmit the importance of using this network safely, limiting the information offered in it.
  • Lean on this tool to learn new realities or expand concepts.
  • Establish clear rules to eliminate distractions.

The possibilities with this network are endless, but taking them requires ingenuity and creativity. The teachers should be encouraged to innovate and find the best way to use this tool in the classroom.

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