17 movies that you can see if you left wanting more ‘Stranger Things’

Stranger Things'

Many of you have eaten up with passion the first season of ‘Stranger Things’ and certainly some you think of his eight episodes have been too few. For easier your search, here we bring you a selection of 17 films in case you wanting more, including well varied titles, both 80 and more current which, in one way or another, you might like if you want something more in line with the number of Netflix.

‘ET the Extra-Terrestrial’

One of the major influences of ‘Stranger Things’ is this mythical film directed by Steven Spielberg. We could be quite time pointing out specific influences, both Eleven and the deranged mother played by Winona Ryder, or scenes drink directly from it, but the best you can do is pay an unforgivable account pending with it or take the opportunity to revisit.

Stranger Things'
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‘It follows’

One of the best horror films of recent years until it could argue that it is simply the best- with a scent very late 70s and early 80s within -eye atmosphere also his sonorous band and aesthetics. In this case the protagonists are teenagers, yes, and sex plays a key role in relation to the mysterious and fascinating threat, so see it with the smallest of the house may not be the best idea.

‘The Breakfast Club’

For my part, I think the part of adolescents is probably the last thing I was interested in ‘Stranger Things’, but it sure has its followers and there is no denying the mark left by the work of John Hughes in the series. He could have chosen other titles, but I think this is the most representative, both in the treatment of the characters and their mere creation from the archetype and then play with it.

‘Super 8’

I read on more than one occasion that ‘Stranger Things’ is what ‘Super 8’ wanted to be with all its forces accomplish unfinished, partly by force a little more of the account that revisiting the Amblin touch. However, it also has many defenders referring to virtues also very similar to Netflix series, so you have to check which of the two sides belong you.

‘Count on me’

If you tell me that the three protagonists kids are directly taken from this film by Rob Reiner adapting a story by Stephen King, I believe it without hesitation or a second. Here it lack the great touch, but there is also a quite unexpected discovery for someone of that age and a very successful way to reflect the childhood friendship.

‘The Guest’

The TV Dan Stevens gives life here a peculiar character that mixes the villains of slasher with action heroes productions series b of the time in a stimulating proposal which reaches its peak in the great final stretch, where the visuals also It is of paramount importance. By the way, its director Adam Wingard also recommend you take a look at ‘You’re next’, his previous work, somewhat less achieved, but also with a clear scent ochentero.


I would be hard to believe that any lover of 80 have not seen this gem entertainment of Joe Dante so well combines humor and terror, but everything has to be in life. In addition, it also has the essential lovely touch to conquer smaller then continue enjoying it for other reasons as they grow. Yes, I recommend caution fairly close its much lower sequel.


Another exciting approach to the figure of 80 adolescents in particular attention to the first love and the passage to maturity, with the additional attraction of being acclimating in an amusement park. Maybe their connection points with ‘Stranger Things’ do not go much beyond that nostalgic feel about the same time and also in force a tad more certain references account, but well worth it.

‘The Goonies’

Could not miss one of the films most remembered by all those who grew up in the 80 A magical adventure full of humor that he connected with small house and here I include this time also the teenagers – to capture to perfection the connection that arose between his successful deal and raising it to the nth degree without forgetting to tell a story that grabs you and invites you to let go and enjoy it big.

‘The Pan’s Labyrinth’

The creators of the series themselves have acknowledged that one of his inspirations was the film of Guillermo del Toro, specifically the designs of his creatures, but there are some other detail that reminds us that remains his best film. In this case some may are missed to focus more on the magical world in which enters its young protagonist, but only that there are more than enough to justify their viewing if you enjoyed ‘Stranger Things’.


Want to see a movie with characters that have the same powers as Eleven and do not mind that is more explicit in terms of gore? So here’s your winning bet, so nostalgic seeking a squishy and “family” proposal better not come to her for much that is one of the titles most accessible of David Cronenberg.

‘The thing’

Perhaps the best horror film of all time, one master work directly referenced in the series and perfectly captures this point of paranoia exhibiting the series in certain sections. A jewel of John Carpenter connecting sharply with the scarier side of the series, but here it does no graphic to be all it takes fear, so be careful with children too young to wear it.


I had intended not to repeat this list manager, so perhaps some trap you seem to have no doubt who defend Spielberg’s shadow was much more elongated than officially recognized. Beyond that we have a very estimable horror story in which a girl is trapped by mysterious forces with methods which I am sure you will bring to mind several moments of ‘Stranger Things’. Yes, Try the original and not with its insipid remake, please.

‘The Monster Squad’

Some kids idolize monsters like Dracula or Frankenstein and are forced to confront them when they reach their people to break the balance between good and evil. That sure I have already bought many, but it is also this horror comedy-adventure is all a delight for the nostalgic 80s, recreating innocence without falling into stupidity and a very lively pace to get bored either almost impossible.

‘The last survivors’

Some teens are watching a fictional 80s slasher in film when a fire breaks out and, by magic, just entering the film itself and are forced to follow the rules if you do not want the thing jams. ‘The last surviving’ is more than that, but that hilarious goal touch sure will delight many despite the shortage of blood and sex, two keys of such productions of the time.

‘Fire Eyes’

Another adaptation of Stephen King, but this time clearly enhancing its scariest side. In this case the big point in common is with Eleven, both by the powers that have the girl played by Drew Barrymore and certain solutions related to them, as the inevitable governmental interest in taking advantage of them. True ‘Carrie’ is better movie, but ‘Firestarter’ connects more with the series created by Duffer brothers.

‘Halloween 3: Season of the Witch’

A very interesting sequel horror films there are very few good – and without any real connection with the saga beyond its title. Just that is what connects it with ‘Stranger Things’, since children are the main target of a mysterious threat in which there is also an enigmatic company. To give you an idea, the axis would focus on the police chief, with similarities to Netflix series, and his obsession during the investigation. To know more visit http://what-it-is.com/.