Adoro Ads GNC

Adoro Ads GNC

And I’m not crazy, no, then you ask if I love commercials GNC that put the announcement of another brand to open, no, no wrong, this other business I feel great, very creative and start a topic talking about something else I love, I give cache to my extravagant way of being.

Suddenly and without realizing something strange happened between us, something happened, I did not realize or did not want to face him, suddenly and unwillingly we go, do not know whether to blame the lack of interest or monotony we though during the days, months and years, not to blame for this, maybe it was me, maybe it was you, the only tangible fact is that something change, who can blame unwillingly opt out of my life was I ?, as clear that no, I’m adorable and it’s not your fault television beautiful and precious, is not your fault that have distanced ourselves.

Adoro Ads GNC
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Everything is the fault of those ignorant fools who tell you project, you think, damn bastards is the people behind the media agenda that made you so hateful, shallow and not very tolerable, but that was what happened, if we were best friends, who can blame; marketing people is the one that says we have to look at the television networks who only seek fast, sensationalist and frivolous entertainment, what happened?

Finally, if anyone in this world has the right to complain about things, that’s me, well you can also complain, we can all do it, but I said, I have more right to complain about the bad publicity and poor marketing more than anyone else, yes, I am publicist and also have discretion, then knowledge-based solidly acquired by years of study, a vast field experience, a broad common sense and an intolerant character I can complain about the silly ads strangling the people who are interminable and unbearable.

It is that we are all exposed to this terrible plague that makes it viable commercial media have to be entertained, allowing the contents survive; what is really bad is that often these products dictate that we must see and think. The terrible tragedy of all this is that we settle and we tolerate it, why we let things happen ?, why not complain about the bad ads and change the channel, because not harass 01800 company to say remove the snafu ad does not reflect any of the current society, what is enough punishment not buy ?, maybe if.

Oh God, how I hate announcement of Coca Cola and reasons to be happy , it seemed an insult to human intelligence, which many applauded, saying that Coca seriously. I do not start, it’s Saturday.

Anyway, thank God there are still people with brain uses it to develop memorable things and worthwhile place, communicative concepts if they mean something, they are also funny and very simple. One way of simple, direct and lasting communication, that is the holy grail that should pursue advertisers and marketers, really think they want to tell someone to do something, because all they want from us in a simplistic way is money, but who does not want our money, that is the foundation of our society, our economy, relationships and how you work this globalized world.

An exchange, but for this they have to convince because it is a world full of offers, the art of persuasion is being lost, persuasion and seduction are being forgotten becoming an urban myth, this is so clear that we can see in the TV. Now simply put very aesthetic people doing certain thing to “get into action” ha happened with that convince you, What happened in the background and not ?, how ?, insinuate try to convince people , pity it is being forgotten.

Fortunately for me, there are still rare items that one is one in a million, but still exist and while I have a hint of hope still believe that the world can change, as long as there humor and creativity to say something, however stupid it as “go and buy vitamins” I still believe that all is not lost.