How to Make a Daytime Make-Up?

How to Make a Daytime Make-Up?

Do you pay enough attention and time to your daily makeup? For most working women this question raises a sad smile. We have time to do a lot in the morning: prepare breakfast for the family, collect and take the children to school and even make a set of physical exercises. At the makeup, at best, it takes only a few minutes.

The recommendations of makeup artists are unambiguous and concrete – the everyday image should be as natural as possible. The excess of decorative cosmetics, negligence in its application visually age a woman and in natural light underscore the shortcomings. But to create the most natural make-up you need time and deep knowledge in the field of make-up. Is it possible to break the vicious circle and eliminate the contradiction between the desire to look perfect and the realities of everyday life?How to Make a Daytime Make-Up?

How to create a perfect daily make-up for 5 minutes?

You can save time in the morning if you do a thorough preliminary preparation. Daytime makeup should be done in natural light. This is real during the warm season – the sun rises early, and you can apply makeup near the window. But what to do in periods when the light day is short? Buy a mirror with a special highlight. Ideal for models with LED lamps or powerful ribbons in a neutral color spectrum (4 000-5 000 K). The backlight should be located along the perimeter of the mirror surface.

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The time of creating makeup depends largely on the automatism and accuracy of your movements. Ask a beautician or make-up artist for help. Under the guidance of a specialist, you can pick up several options for daytime makeup, the best combination of powder, shadows, and lipstick; learn how to correctly apply cosmetics to the skin. In your spare time, practice and work out all movements at home. As a result, you will be able to do makeup in the morning quickly and well, regardless of the circumstances.

A few tips from makeup artists:

  • Be sure to apply a day cream on your face. It must be absorbed into the skin, so do this in advance.
  • The next step is spraying the face with thermal water. It will remove redness on the skin and swelling. After the thermal water, the makeup is laid flat and lighter.
  • Mask the small, but noticeable flaws on the skin with a proofreader.
  • To apply a tonal basis, it is better to use a special sponge. The brush leaves the skin on the stains, and you have to eliminate them by leveling the layer with the pads of your fingers. The sponge absorbs more funds, but immediately ensures a perfectly smooth application of the tonal basis.

How to Make a Daytime Make-Up?

Women’s makeup 2018 – fashion trends in the spring-summer season

The main trend for this year is the minimal use of decorative cosmetics. The emphasis is on a well-groomed, glowing skin. Stylists recommend focusing on facial care because the powder and thick layer of the foundation are out of fashion.

Arrows are again relevant, and they can be applied to the upper and lower eyelids. Do you want to achieve maximum naturalness? Use dark shades of brown, gray or blue. Arrows of black color are still in fashion, but they are used only in the upper eyelid. Eyebrows should also look natural. Tinting them, carefully shading the lines. The form can be fixed with a transparent gel. This year, all the colors of shadows are relevant. It is recommended to forget about acidic shades.

In choosing fashionable make-up and clothes, women are given unprecedented freedom of choice. For example, the Chanel brand suggests using muted and soft shades. But if you want to emphasize lips or eyes, use the most expressive colors. Dior recommends giving maximum attention to fluffy eyelashes. Lips are better to make up with lipstick or matte shine.How to Make a Daytime Make-Up?

Consider your color

The choice of a color range of makeup and clothing should be based on the shades that predominate in your appearance. Color-type and make-up – an extensive topic, which is worthy of close study under the guidance of an experienced make-up artist. We offer several general recommendations:

  • Spring. For women of this color-type, the most invisible makeup with a natural accent on one part of the face is recommended. If you decide to emphasize the eyes, the shade should be applied very thinly, the eyeliner is shaded. Lipstick and lip gloss – in beige, apricot, coral, golden palette.
  • Summer. Representatives of this color type will have to give up makeup with clear boundaries. Your choice is cold colors, blurry outlines, and images, similar to the haze-covered canvases of the Impressionists.
  • Autumn. For girls, whose appearance is dominated by warm colors, decorative cosmetics of bronze and golden spectrum are recommended. You have black contrast mascara that draws attention to bright eyes.
  • Winter Porcelain leather requires a special approach to the choice of tonal means. They must match the tone of the person’s tone in tone. A wide range of shadows is available to you, but the light grayish-beige scale is preferred for daytime makeup. Representatives of the color-type winter are very extravagant and juicy shades of lipstick.

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