Packing for the perfect summer Holiday

There is a subtle art to packing that escapes most of us. Even if we have really made an effort this time and packed the thing well this time, even folding the clothes, you can be sure that something will be forgotten and the whole lot will have to be ripped out an hour before the taxi comes to take you to the airport. All that special Ralph Lauren Menswear that you’ve got from will be distrubed.

Put clothes that are stain resistant or that are specially made for moisture-wicking properties. These will be put in a cool bag, so that they won’t melt while you are in the air, or even if they are taken straight from the luggage.

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When it comes to the clothes that you are packing, then start with two-piece outfits in all layers. You should probably pack a light sweater over a top-weight jacket and shorts and trousers. The bottom layer of this should be in a light cotton that is easily washable. So, this is how to pack clothes for a holiday- have all the basics in place, so that you don’t leave yourself exposed to the elements or need to do it all again.

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When it comes to clothes for a day on a holiday, then you might think you have to pack in everything, but actually you only need about three to four days’ worth of clothing for the duration of your stay. If you know you will be staying up late, or if you are really into adventure sports, then you will probably need more clothes for your travels.