How to style a sweater with denim

It’s winter, and sweaters are everywhere. Now, while that’s perfectly fine for Dads and Father Christmas, it might worry fashion lovers out there. But not to fear, there are few looks more classic than a sweater with denim jeans. Still, a simple look can always go wrong, but here’s how to style a sweater with denim.

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Keep your sweater simple

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A solid coloured sweater can be easily matched to the classic shades of denim used for jeans. Try a yarn colour scheme based on a dark, masculine palette – think grey, charcoal, tan, brown – and they’ll match with denim in light blue, dark blue, black, or whatever colour jeans you have in the wardrobe. Coloured sweaters can only truly go with jeans that have a matching colour palette.

Maintain proportion

You’ll quickly make the proportions of your body look strange if you pile on the wool while leaving your legs looking thin. If you’ve got a chunky sweater, go for wider legged jeans. If you prefer a narrow fit for your jeans, go for a slim knitted sweater.

Get layering

Layering is second nature in winter, but it has to look right. Every top layer should be lower on your body than the layer beneath it. This means that your blazer hem should be lower than your sweater hem, and so on. Collar points should go under the layers on top of them, not over. This will make your outfit look sharp and deliberate, rather than something you just threw on because you were cold.

Add a pattern

Wearing a plain jumper above plain jeans will make you look boring and blocky. Add some physical interest to your look with a textured pattern. A mens Irish aran sweater, such as this, will add extra visual panache to your look. A smart patterned sweater, worn under a blazer, is an accent piece that would make a great smart casual look for the office.

Try new denim shades

As shown by James Dean, blue jeans are a classic look, but why not try something new? Having jeans in a few different colours will add a lot more outfits to your wardrobe quickly. Have dark blue jeans for a casual everyday look, or wear black jeans for the office.