Shopping Of The Week

Shopping Of The Week

Another “complicated” week to go shopping. A lot, a lot of heat on the street and yet there are only warm clothes in all the shops. At the moment I am watching, seeing what is in each mark and mentally pointing what I like.

Good weekend

Metallic dancers by Massimo Dutti. (59, 90 dollars) Dancers, besides comfortable and timeless, have another advantage: they can be used in any season. It is best to invest in a color that will stick with everything, like these golden with a toe. Well, black in the face of winter is also a basic.

Shopping Of The WeekSfera crochet dress (39, 90 dollars): These dresses have been one of the most sought after clothing of the summer and do not leave us in the fall. In Sfera they have been republished again. There is also a skirt of the same fabric. Colors for this fall? Black or camel.

Felt hat with tie by H & M: (9, 90 dollars): I love this type of hat but the truth is that I never dare. On what occasion can you put it on if you are not Serena van der Woodsen? Question of value…

Shopping Of The WeekBag with long handle (59.90 dollars): messenger bags have become the most sought after complement of the season. This one is a bit different from the rest, it does not try to imitate the famous Alexa of Mulberry, and also it is in black.

American wool with gold buttons (79, 90 dollars): and we continue with the college style . I have fallen in love with this American who, besides being pretty, has a look of shelter. The bad thing is the price, it’s a bit more expensive than Zara’s.

Cardigan with ruffles on the shoulders of H & M (24.95 euros): the winter happened they pulled out a jersey of this style, but in angora, and it was a success. Now we have the jacket version. Smooth or striped?

Shopping Of The WeekMango pleated dress (79, 90 dollars): this is one of those clothes that on the hanger says nothing but that surprise surprises. If you find it a bit expensive but you like it, you can take advantage of the Shopping Night they organize in October.

Knit jacket with silver threads by Sfera: (29, 90 dollars). I recognize that I have 100 similar jackets but I wear them so much that it does not hurt to add another to the collection. Among all those who have arrived, I caught the attention of Sfera, is already on my list! You can also find it in cream color.

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Military Parka by H & M (39, 90 dollars): It is one of the clothes of the season and there is already a model in each store. If you do not want to invest a lot, try H & M. For if it is only a fad…

And my two darlings have already reached the shops . The flared cowboys of Mango and the white chanelera jacket.