Star pickups

Star pickups

October is a month in which many weddings are celebrated, especially in the south of USA. Although many couples choose it because it is not so hot, it is a difficult month for the guests, especially for the girls. The weather is capricious and can leave a day of midsummer or can give you a frightening cold. To the dilemma of what do I wear? You have to add the choice of hairstyle. It is best to make a collection that leaves the neck and shoulders clear in case you have to wear a bolero or even take off the coat. Although it does not always work that I take a photo to the hairdresser I leave some ideas of collection simple and especially elegant. Most importantly, that the collected does not make you look 10 years older.

Star pickupsKate Bosworth’s pickup is perfect for girls with a little hair or very thin. The key is the volume you have on the front.

The braids are fashionable and look beautiful in the ballerina type bows. Nicole Richie’s double braid is perfect for fleeing too formal hairstyles.

Star pickupsThe fringe is often a problem when picking up the hair. However, there are options for not always wearing loose hair, such as the one worn by actress Reese Whiterspoon.

Those who have some mellitus, such as Penelope Cruz, can afford to wear more elaborate bows. This hairstyle completely removes the hair from the face and leaves to the makeup.

The low bows are very elegant and easier to carry. They do not leave the face as clear as a tall bun and are perfect for girls who usually wear loose hair and do not want to look too weird.

Star pickupsCurly and collected hair is often fought. However, if the curls are marked with tenacilla the result can be very sophisticated. Eva Longoria right leaving several locks loose.

This may be the most difficult hairstyle to wear. The bun is taller and is also asymmetrical. However, if you have a careful face and you wear an impeccable makeup you can dare with it. Much attention to the slopes that are chosen because they will be seen from any angle.