What is silk yarn?

Silk yarn is a type of yarn made from silk; in turn, silk is a natural protein fibre produced by certain insects, most notably the silkworm.

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What is silk known for?

Silk yarn is known for its luxurious feel, smooth texture, and natural sheen. It is strong yet delicate and lightweight, and it has good elasticity. It can hold dye well, resulting in vibrant colours.

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What are the different silk yarn types?

Pure silk yarn is made entirely from silk fibres and is available in different weights and textures. Silk is often blended with other fibres, such as wool, cotton, or cashmere, to combine the desirable properties of each material. Many small UK-based companies and artisans offer hand-dyed silk yarns.

According to the Guardian,  you can transform old silk clothing by professionally dyeing it.

What is silk used for?

Silk yarn is used for making luxury garments, accessories, and home décor items. Its smooth texture and vibrant colours make it a favourite for knitting scarves and lightweight sweaters.

If you want to create some new pieces for your wardrobe, you can use various yarns. Perfect for any knitting or crochet project, DK yarn (double knitting) should be on your list to buy and is available from stockists such as Wool Couture.

Is silk sustainable?

There is a growing interest in ethical and sustainable silk production in the UK. Peace silk or Ahimsa silk, which is harvested without killing the silkworm, is available for those who prefer cruelty-free products.

How can silk garments be cared for?

Silk yarn and fabrics require special care due to their delicate nature. They should be hand-washed or dry-cleaned and handled gently to maintain their quality and longevity.

Where can you learn more about silk yarn?

The UK has a vibrant crafting community, with many knitting and crochet groups, forums, and workshops where enthusiasts share their experiences and projects involving silk yarn. Learning how to use silk yarn can be a rewarding experience due to its luxurious texture and unique properties. Silk’s luxurious feel and appearance make it a popular choice for special occasion clothing.