What’s the deal with designers?

The modern age has seen some rather strange twists and turn to our lives. For example, who could foresee that we would really care that much about the clothes that we wear? If you go back through the centuries people were just happy to have clothes in the first place and they generally kept the same thing for years making do and mending it. So, why then are we now suddenly so excited by the clothes and by designers that create them? If you feel the need to see some more then EJ Menswear can scratch that itch. Take a look at the range of Calvin Klein Menswear that they have on offer.

The simple truth is that we now have more money, better, quicker and cheaper manufacturing process plus we can use materials in a more cost effective way. This is certainly true in the western hemisphere of course but not so much in the East or Africa. Even so the process of globalisation has meant that we can get hold of things a lot more than we did.

The other factor is we love status. The purchase of a named item of clothing can convey wealth and good taste. Not wanting to wear anything but some Klein pants, and then wearing them over the jeans so people can see them is a conscious decision. It’s like a flag of honour. You associate with those people, namely the famous models, but not with those people over there.