Are You Still Smoking? 7 Impacts Of This Bad Habit And Solutions For Your Mouth

Are You Still Smoking? 7 Impacts Of This Bad Habit And Solutions For Your Mouth

I started smoking when I was 17 years old because I was not in my group of friends, and since then, the bad habit has been growing until I decided to leave it forever.

Maybe you have some acquaintance that smoked his whole life and got old, and you also know the case of the ex-smoker who died of cancer. Leaving aside these exceptions, nicotine and other harmful substances that are thrown to the cigarette have to pass through the mouth. How do you think this affects your health? Is there anything you can do to avoid it?

Some of the side effects that can produce smoking in the mouth are:

Are You Still Smoking 7 Impacts Of This Bad Habit And Solutions For Your Mouth1st) Discoloration of the teeth:

The products that are used to make the tobacco usually discolor the teeth and turn them into a yellowish color. The most discolored substance is nicotine. I have met people with real complexes for this fact and thank goodness that the aesthetic advances are on our part.   There is a very tempting possibility and accessible to more and more pockets. It is the teeth whitening that leaves them as new, although in my point of view it is necessary to choose clinics, such as idental, where they advise you well according to the case and use safe procedures and good quality, these clinics are characterized by offering financial aid to The people in their dental treatments, having as motto “the best health care is not a privilege but a right”.

Are You Still Smoking 7 Impacts Of This Bad Habit And Solutions For Your Mouth2nd) Bad breath

It is very common to occur and the worst is that when it becomes chronic, the smoker himself ends up not feeling it and blocking his own taste. This symptom may hide other health problems, which may or may not be related to tobacco. Do you notice a bad taste in your mouth when you smoke? Do you feel that the food does not taste much? Do you want to open your senses and live smoke free? Aside from being unpleasant to the non-smoker, think of the benefits it will have for you to regain the good taste of things.

Are You Still Smoking? 7 Impacts Of This Bad Habit And Solutions For Your Mouth3rd) Inflammation of the salivary glands

Tobacco smoke is abrasive. It can therefore penetrate through the openings of the salivary glands that are on the roof of the mouth. If these holes become inflamed you will notice the dry mouth and you may experience more allergic reactions.

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4th) Increased plaque and tartar on the teeth:

The mouth is a small ecosystem in and of itself.  Smoking affects how bacteria are recycled in your mouth and the relationship between good and harmful. This causes a buildup of plaque and tartar on the teeth. There are people who do not fall into this risk until they bite something and feel that it hurts, therefore , the ideal is to get periodic cleanings is where they warn you of any injury. For me it  is a well spent time and money, since the review can also warn of some other health problem that will help you to react.

5th) Damage or loss of bone in the jaw:

Smoking can cause gum problems because nicotine deposits and triggers bone loss. This fact is difficult to cope, both psychologically and physically, since in addition to not being able to eat certain healthy foods, you end up losing confidence in yourself. On the other hand, it is wonderful the medical advance that has come and I know both friends and clients who have been able to renew their appearance with sleeves or implants adapted to their image and have gained as much security in them as in quality of life.

Are You Still Smoking? 7 Impacts Of This Bad Habit And Solutions For Your Mouth6th) Lower percentage of success in dental procedures

Most dentists warn about the use of tobacco after having undergone dental treatment, as it interferes with the greater or lesser success of the intervention. When it reaches this point, tobacco does not alleviate even partially the anxiety it can generate. Relaxing is one of the joys waiting for you when you quit smoking.

7th) Increase in oral cancer

Tobacco and cancer is a very old warning, but still very current and true. Tobacco increases the chances of cancer and not just cancer of the mouth.

In case you have any doubts about which dentist to visit, I leave you some idental opinions to advise you a little more about the social dental care movement that this company is taking and above all you can listen to testimonials from people who recommend it.

If you’re still hooked on tobacco and you need more reason to leave it to take care of your mouth, I strongly recommend reading the book by Allen Carr: ” It is easy to quit, if you know how “, to which you can access the free text through this Link .

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Have you tried quitting?

Mark Twain talked about his ease of doing it: “I’ve got it at least a thousand times.” But regardless of jokes, he was right, do not forget to keep in mind that leaving the vice is very possible for you!.