Easy recipe: Coconut fried fish

Coconut fried fish

For this holiday, the choice of fish recipes is ideal to eat a healthy protein and delicious. If we add a taste unusual for a savory dish, we get a preparation that will delight our palate.

Today I propose this recipe coconut fried fish, which is a great alternative to traditional recipes, and typical fish in sauces or roasted. The coconut will make a texture very interesting to frying end while his sweet side provides a fine balance to the whole. To give more intensity I recommend serving this fish with sauce.

Coconut fried fish
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  • 400g white fish, white flour 150g, 50g of grated coconut, 50ml clear beer, 1 teaspoon dried thyme, half a liter of vegetable oil, salt and ground black pepper.

How do fish fried coconut

Let’s cut the fish into strips about 10cm long by two meters wide. We place them on a plate and season with dry thyme, lemon juice, salt and pepper. The stir so they are seasoned everywhere. We cover the bowl with a cloth and reserve for about 15 minutes.

Now let’s mix the flour with beer, salt and pepper. Beat well to make it thick and smooth. We heat the oil in a deep skillet or wok.

We took the fish dish in which it is located and dry them with paper towel to withdraw as much lemon. As we do this, we move the pieces of fish flour mixture, the grated coconut and sink into the hot oil. The we left about 5 minutes on each side.

  • Preparation time | 45 minutes
  • Difficulty | Easy


I recommend eating this fried coconut fish hot with white rice and some grilled vegetables. It is better to eat freshly made to keep its crisp side this dish. If you’re going to reheat is best done in a lightly greased pan and avoid the microwave. Visit http://trenchpress.com/ for more tips and ideas.