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How To Improve Blood Glucose Naturally

If in your last analysis, the doctor has warned you that your glucose is above 100, or that you have prediabetes, in this post we explain how to improve blood glucose naturally.

In addition to following a balanced diet that helps you regulate insulin, a very interesting quality-price aid is our latest patent with dairy peptides:  Peptide Glucose.

How to improve blood glucose naturally with food

There is no perfect food; you should follow a varied diet based on poorly processed and seasonal foods.

Make 5 meals, include some protein in each and follow the consistent plate rule to keep your blood sugar level stable. You can increase the information in our post about diet and diabetes.

Another fundamental factor on how to improve blood glucose naturally, according to the latest research is exercise. It helps reduce blood glucose levels, improves long-term glycemic control (monitored by glycosylated hemoglobin less than 6.5-7) and improves insulin resistance.

If you are taking insulin, keep in mind that you must adjust the insulin units according to the intensity and duration of the sport and the previous level of blood glucose.

How To Improve Blood Glucose NaturallyWhat are milk peptides?

The protein fraction of milk contains a large number of biologically active compounds. In addition to milk proteins, caseins and whey proteins, there are other proteins and peptides that, although inactive within the protein sequence, can be released by enzymatic hydrolysis, for example, during the process of digesting food.

The milk peptides are derived from casein, lactalbumin, lactoglobulin, lactoferrin or milk whey . They have multiple beneficial properties for health, depending on the type of milk peptide. Some reduce blood pressure through the inhibition of angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE), others regulate blood sugar and are satiating, others improve the absorption of minerals, others regulate neurotransmitters and mood and others can improve the digestion and the defenses.

These bioactive milk peptides can cross the intestinal epithelium and reach peripheral tissues via systemic circulation, being able to exert specific functions at the local level, gastrointestinal tract and systemic level.

How To Improve Blood Glucose NaturallyPeptide glucose increases insulin secretion

How to improve blood glucose naturally.  Peptide Glucose

Peptide Glucose  is a food, not a drug , because it is obtained by a process similar to the digestion of milk or cheese making, according to Francisco Gómez, manager of the biotechnology company and University Professor.

The mechanism of action of Peptide Glucose is through the activation of the secretion of insulin, a hormone secreted by beta cells of the pancreas depending on the balance between carbohydrates and proteins of each meal.

When an excess of carbohydrates is ingested, the blood glucose levels increase ( hyperglycemia ), this increase causes the pancreas to secrete insulin so that the glucose enters the cells, thus reducing the concentration of the glucose in the blood.

How To Improve Blood Glucose NaturallyHow to improve blood glucose naturally

The insulin resistance occurs when the insulin receptors of the cells do not respond properly. The pancreas responds by secreting more insulin in an effort to reduce blood glucose levels. The end result is more appetite, body fat and inflammation, Diabetes may appear in the medium term .

Recent studies on how to improve blood glucose naturally, propose the dairy peptides as an effective and efficient tool. For the president of the Spanish Society of Community Nutrition, the doctor Javier Aranceta, dairy peptides  can help people with prediabetes or  mild diabetes to not have to resort to the use of  hypoglycemic drugs , which as is known, have some side effects .

Mechanism of action of Peptide Glucose

Peptide glucose regulates the level of glucose in blood, through a double mechanism of action. On the one hand, it inhibits the enzyme dipeptidyl peptidase IV (DPP-IV) that prevents the degradation of incretin intestinal hormones (GIP and GLP 1), stimulates insulin secretion after ingestion, reduces glucagon secretion and delays gastric emptying.

In addition, Peptide glucose includes chromium in its composition, which, being conjugated with phosphorylated peptides from casein, improves its bioavailability and favors the regulation of satiety, glycemia and appetite for sweet.

The recommended starting regimen is to take two tablets with a glass of water 15-30 minutes before the meal and one tablet 15-30 minutes before dinner.

Peptide supplements range

The range of Peptide supplements has been developed thanks to several national and international projects with the aim of designing new therapeutic strategies to regulate blood pressure, cholesterol, glycemia, absorption of calcium and iron and satiety. .

The products developed focus both on food supplements and ingredients to incorporate functional foods  (biscuits, bread and juices) with functional ingredients derived from milk.

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