Ideas For Candy Bars For Children’s Parties

Ideas For Candy Bars For Children's Parties

Traditional feasts for children’s holidays have long lost their relevance, and not without a reason. The idle sitting at the table and eating sweets does not give the kids sincere joy – it is much more fun to play and frolic, while simultaneously enjoying the prepared goodies. That is why many parents, instead of the usual snacks, prefer to organize candy bars for children – this serving option is much more convenient for restless crumbs that can’t stay in one place. And creative ideas to decorate children’s candy bars will help to interest the children create a festive atmosphere and emphasize a special occasion for the celebration!

Ideas For Candy Bars For Children's Parties

5 basic rules of serving candy bar

All sorts of magazines and thematic forums are full of stylish and entertaining ideas for decorating the table for a children’s party. Themed, animated, animated programs look fresh and nontrivial on glossy photos, and happy kids nearby emit a positive. Let’s see how to properly arrange a party for a crumb, which will be remembered by the hero of the occasion as a fairy tale! Let’s put together the rules of organizing a candy bar with your own hands – they will help to organize fun, which will appeal to fidgets and not strongly hit the budget.

Theme Candy Bar

Children’s holidays, organized in accordance with a specific theme, are doomed to unconditional success! You may not have time to prepare all the planned sweets, lose sight of the rules of serving, forget to buy the necessary stuff – all this will be absolutely unimportant if the little guests are passionate about the general idea of a themed party with a candy bar. Having plunged into the magical world of a fascinating tale, young visionaries will be able to have fun, and you will not have to worry about the guys bored.

Ideas for inspiration can be drawn from the most common interests of children:

Ideas For Candy Bars For Children's Parties

  1. Animated evenings. Candy bar based on the favorite cartoon will turn the children’s holiday into a fascinating journey through the pages of your favorite books or the plot of an exciting cartoon. “Puppy Patrol”, “Fiksiki”, “Little Mermaid”, “Alice in Wonderland”, “Toy Story” – the number of options is endless! Just pay attention to the fact that now your child is watching – such an idea will make it possible for the hero of the occasion to arrange a truly unforgettable surprise.
  2. Professional holidays. For older children, you can arrange a holiday, focusing on his hobby. Let it be a part of a ballerina, a fireman, a private detective – let the kid feel a little more mature! With the help of this idea, it is possible to note the achievements of the child – the first successful performance, diploma or medal for distinction. He will be very pleased that you appreciate his success.
  3. Historical, cultural or national holidays. Teenagers who are seriously interested in history or geography will find it interesting to go back to the times of knights and princesses, have a feast in the middle of a distant desert or tropical jungle, have fun with Vikings or Indians. To arrange such a children’s holiday, a time machine will not be needed – it is enough to turn on the imagination and organize a candy bar based on the ideas of a certain epoch.

Ideas For Candy Bars For Children's Parties

The only thing that darkens such a wonderful idea is the need for serious preparation for a thematic children’s holiday. In addition to the candy bar, you need to buy or make the proper attributes and carnival costumes with your own hands, think over the plot and create an authentic atmosphere at home. Therefore, if time or budget is running out, it is much easier to arrange everything in accordance with a specific color scheme.

Colors and shades

Rejecting the idea of a themed children’s holiday, you need to thoroughly consider the color palette for decorating candy bars. To make the holiday look stylish, you need to take 2-3 matching colors as a basis and choose room decorations, dishes, accessories and decorations that will fit into the overall picture. The following options will look good:

  • blue, blue and white for boys,
  • white, rich and soft pink for girls,
  • brown, caramel and milk – a universal option.

However, the above combinations are only a part of a limitless list of ideas, according to which you can decorate a candy bar. The main thing is that the selected colors complement each other or cause a certain association with a specific plot.

Ideas For Candy Bars For Children's Parties

Room decoration

In order for the feast to go perfectly well, it is necessary to create an unusually solemn atmosphere that will emphasize the uniqueness of the event. First, decide where the table will stand: it’s better not to place it in the middle of the room since during the game the children can simply roll it up. Determine the place at the freest wall, moving the furniture as far as possible from it and thus opening access to the sweets placed.

To focus on the candy bar, decorate the background wall by the table as much as possible. You can hang garlands or photo collages, fix helium balloons or a themed sign – it all depends on the characteristics of the occasion for a children’s celebration.

Ideas For Candy Bars For Children's Parties

Particularly noteworthy is the festive tablecloth – it must necessarily fit in color to the general idea of the candy bar. Taking into account that children can turn out or spill something, it is better to choose waterproof models or festive oilcloths imitating lace. And in order to give them a special solemnity, you can independently sew a “skirt” out of tulle or make a garland of flowers.

On the chairs, you can make special festive covers to match the tablecloth, decorated with bright ribbons or artificial flowers. However, it is not at all necessary to spend the time on tailoring the decor – you can simply cut out fabric cuts, wrap the backs of the chairs beautifully and fasten them carefully with a decorative brooch, buckle or bow. If you choose a fabric that will not cross, you do not even have to hem the edges of such cases, so the decoration will take a minimum of time.

Ideas For Candy Bars For Children's Parties

Beautiful and comfortable dishes

For serving candy bars will require a maximum of dishes since all dishes are served in portions. The best option for kids will be disposable plates and glasses from the festive sets. On sale, you can find a variety of sets of dishes, decorated with thematic drawings, bright prints, and funny inscriptions.

For smoothies, cocktails, and jelly, you can use jars of baby food, decorated with braid, ribbons or themed stickers. And do not forget to put in each jar a small disposable spoon (for example, one that comes with ice cream), so that the guys do not have to look for cutlery.

Ideas For Candy Bars For Children's Parties

In addition to serving dishes, for children’s candy bar will need a common plate. It is better to use small deep saucers for sweets and cookies, flat plates for cakes and tartlets, and for fruits – a two-three-story dish. And do not forget about glasses for drinks – they should be enough for each child.

“Compliments” for guests

At the end of the party, it is customary to treat the guests with sweets, which they will take home in memory of the last evening. You can buy a few small gift bags or make bonbonnieres on your own – there are plenty of ideas for making festive mini-boxes on the net. And inside you can put a few candies, chocolate jelly beans or chewing gummies – in a word, everyone who loves little sweet teeth.

Ideas For Candy Bars For Children's Parties

Ideas for the holiday menu

A treat for a candy bar should be not only tasty but also beautiful – it is necessary that each dish fits into the overall picture and harmoniously complements the interior of the children’s party. It is much more convenient if you can take selected sweets from the table and savor them during the game. That is why bulky cakes and cream cakes do not fit – you need something more compact, but no less tasty.

What to treat invited? Ideas for drawing up a menu of children’s candy bar will help to decide:

  1. Where do without these universal sweets? Buy several types of candy, so that everyone can find a treatment for the soul. Chocolate, caramel, lollipops, soufflé – everything is useful. The main thing is that each candy was beautifully packed!
  2. You can buy ordinary cookies or bake cakes, decorated with mastic – it all depends on the culinary abilities of the hostess.
  3. Tangerines, oranges, apples, pineapples, bananas – you can use absolutely any fruit for cutting. The main thing is that they should be peeled and stoned and cut into portions.
  4. Strawberries, raspberries, strawberries and other berries are best laid out in small portioned saucers (or jars of baby food) – so it will be easier for the child not to get dirty while eating.
  5. Mini-cupcakes in bright paper packaging are very popular with kids and, besides, they look attractive. Such a delicacy, exhibited on a multi-tiered dish, can be an excellent alternative to a festive cake for candy bars.Ideas For Candy Bars For Children's Parties
  6. Tartlets they can put berries and pieces of fruit, pour caramel topping with chocolate chips, decorate with whipped cream – an incredible number of ideas!
  7. Smoothies Faded fruits with sugar can be placed in small plastic cups or decorated jars, decorated with a wide straw or a plastic spoon (depending on the texture of the smoothie).
  8. Cut into pieces of jelly is not suitable for candy bars – it is better to immediately pour it into portion containers (cups or all the same jars of mashed potatoes).
  9. Tiramisu Italian dessert is served in the same way as jelly, that is, in portions.
  10. The drinks. Of course, no candy bar is complete without fruit juices and soda. Pouring them into glasses in advance is a disastrous idea since the kids will definitely spill everything on the floor and on the tablecloth. It is better to organize something like a desktop cooler, or just put up a few decanters with a variety of drinks for every taste.

Ideas For Candy Bars For Children's Parties

Based on our ideas and useful tips, you can organize a truly unforgettable and at the same time quite a budget holiday for your child. Arm yourself with boundless imagination, good mood and indomitable positive – and the children’s celebration will be perfect!