Why do so many hip-hop singers love to have a sip of Purple Drank?

The Purple Drank which has another name called Sizzurp has become one of the most glamorized and romanticized drinks all around the globe. There are many hip-hop singers also keep some special space for admire the wonder drinks in many of their rap song lyrics. It has also been adopted by celebrity lifestyle and they love to have this amazing romantic drink on regular basis.

The name Sizzurp has also established quite popularly to recognize it. Now it has been getting its ski high rating as the most anticipated preferred drink choice in the southern rap community. For your information, it basically prepared with a combo mixer of three different ingredients.  Purple Drank must need a prescription-strength cough syrup with active codeine and promethazine. Along with that it also needs one clear Sprite drink and few Jolly Rancher candy for add more sweetened taste and purple color.

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Now let’s find out how this Purple Drank works inside our body. When it goes inside the body, its main seductive component codeine and promethazine react with each another and produce a dazed and drowsy feeling. The people who want to get some sort of relaxation in their boring life; this beautiful drink is a perfect solution for it. May be that is the main reason to gain all this crazy popularity over the years.

Purple Drank has always presented as a harmless fun drink for its consumers and at the top of it, they have some elements to generate some seduction. Not only that, it can also absorb all our deep stress by giving some kind relaxation feeling in our body.

The original formula was experimented in so many ways in the years the 1980s to 1990s. Now, this lean drink can be found in many flavors and also got some attractive new looks. Right in the beginning when it was mostly consumed by the southern rap communities, they used cough syrup mostly with the Sprite and Jolly Rancher candy. For then it was a drink from heaven at that times. Sooner all of them start liking it and within a short period of time, the party drink achieved a tremendous popularity in the hip-hop scene. Now, we have seen millions of their fan and followers are also consuming this glamorous drink.

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