2 Things That Can Leave Your Teeth Stained

Activated Carbon Whitens Teeth

When you look in the mirror lately, do your teeth appear not entirely as white as they once were? If that’s the case, don’t get down on yourself and let your self-esteem hit rock bottom. Instead, contact a dental practice for teeth whitening Park Slope. The professionals will take good care of you and leave you with pearly whites that everybody deserves to see. Hence, after the treatment is finished, don’t be surprised if you find yourself flashing that pretty smile to all sorts of folks.

However, if you don’t want to experience staining, perhaps you should stay away from certain things. What are they? Many different items can cause tooth discoloration, but the following sections will focus on two common issues that create the problem. Thus, if you’re ready to learn more, please, stick around and read on.

Certain Foods And Beverages

Did you know that eating or drinking certain foods and beverages can cause your teeth to become stained? It’s true, and once the discoloring occurs, you might feel unconfident about your smile. A teeth whitening procedure can fix the situation, though, but you’ll likely want to avoid the following consumables to keep stains at bay.

  • Coffee, Tea, And Red Wine
  • Vibrant Fruits And Berries
  • Pasta Sauce
  • Curry

Of course, the foods and beverages mentioned here barely begin to scratch the surface, so do some research to see what else you shouldn’t eat or drink to stop staining in its tracks. But, before heading off to do just that, don’t forget to check out the next section. It includes something else people shouldn’t do if they don’t want stained teeth.

Don’t Smoke Or Use Smokeless Tobacco

Tobacco, whether smokable or smokeless, can leave teeth with a yellowish-brown tint. The substances aren’t good for one’s health either, which is reason enough to quit. However, this piece is about keeping stains away, so if you don’t want your fangs and molars looking unappealing, don’t use tobacco products.