Cracks in the fingers: Causes and Treatment

Cracks in the fingers: Causes and Treatment

Many, no doubt, faced such a problem as cracks in the skin of the fingers. Needless to say, these hands do not look very attractive. But this is not the most unpleasant of the current situation. Much greater discomfort is caused by cracks with aching pain, bleeding and the inability to do manual work. To prevent such a problem with the skin of your hands, you should not only exclude possible causes, but also choose effective treatment methods, if you have suffered such an unpleasant fate.

Cracks in the fingers: Causes and Treatment

Causes of cracking

Do not even mention that the hands are the most vulnerable part of the human body. After all, the hands (mainly fingers!) Actively contact with various stimuli when performing certain actions. The factors that adversely affect the skin, first of all include the following:

  • exposure to chemicals;
  • mechanical injury;
  • climate drops;
  • various diseases.

Among external factors that provoke the appearance of cracks, emit prolonged contact with water of too high or low temperature, with household chemicals without the use of gloves or other protective equipment, sudden temperature changes both indoors and outdoors, too dry air, weathering and ingress direct sunlight. All these and many other factors can cause cracked skin on the fingers.

Cracks in the fingers: Causes and Treatment

In addition to external negative impacts, a number of diseases can be identified, which are accompanied by the presence of cracks in the hands:

  • various skin diseases (psoriasis, eczema, fungi, neurodermatitis, etc.);
  • diabetes;
  • allergic reactions;
  • neurological disorders;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Along with the identified diseases, cracks can occur during periods of hormonal changes (during menopause, pregnancy, during adolescence). It is often possible to observe small wounds on the skin in people with reduced immunity or avitaminosis.

If, with the exclusion of external factors provoking the appearance of cracks, the skin on the hands is not restored, then the problem should be sought with the help of a full diagnosis by specialists to identify the disease that causes damage to the skin.

Cracks in the fingers: Causes and Treatment

Strengthening means for the skin of hands

To prevent the occurrence of irritation on the skin of the hands and, as a result, the appearance of micro-cells, you should follow some simple rules:

  • When working with chemicals, starting with the usual washing powder and ending with acids, you must use rubber gloves. They protect the skin from chemicals. Perform the same construction work should be in special mittens that prevent mechanical damage (blow, calluses, scratches). In the cold season you should not neglect mittens and warm gloves. This will prevent frostbite and chapping of the hands.
  • The use of cosmetics will keep the skin on the hands healthy and young. In winter, for the care of your hands you should use fatty creams that will create an invisible protective film. In the summer, the use of a moisturizer will help protect your hands from sun exposure and excessive dryness. In addition to the use of creams, do not forget about the weekly nourishing masks and cosmetic baths.

Cracks in the fingers: Causes and Treatment

  • Elimination of the use of antibacterial agents and antiseptics will allow to restore the protective layer on the skin and avoid excessive drying. Do not use too often and the effects of electric driers. In order to wash your hands, it is enough to use neutral soap (preferably with glycerin) and a soft towel.
  • Proper and regular nutrition will provide the body with the necessary nutrients and vitamins, which, in turn, will favorably affect not only the skin, but also the whole organism.

Funds for the treatment of cracks in the fingers

If you have failed to prevent the appearance of micro-banks on your hands, you should not delay the disease, but try to start treatment as soon as possible. In the initial stage of the disease, when the cracks are not too deep, you can use cosmetic cream. These are products that contain moisturizing, emollient and anti-inflammatory components, as well as herbal extracts. For the healing of small wounds, creams such as Silicone, Lanolin, Spermaceti, and Aloe Vera Cream are suitable. Similar products can be found at any cosmetics store or at the pharmacy.

Cracks in the fingers: Causes and Treatment

If these funds do not help in the treatment of cracks in the hands, you should undergo a full examination and contact the experts for the appointment of a comprehensive treatment.

Folk recipes

When the first unpleasant sensations appear, you should not panic – you should take some time to make a bath, a hand mask, a wrap or a compress from handy and easily accessible tools that can be found in any home.

To get rid of painful cracks in the hands, apply the following formulations for 20-30 minutes:

  • Olive oil (70 ml), honey (3 tablespoons) and yolk.
  • Applesauce, cooked in milk.
  • Liquid mashed potatoes with milk.
  • Grated fresh cucumber.
  • Mixed in equal parts flour, honey, butter and vodka.

Cracks in the fingers: Causes and Treatment

Help to soften the skin and heal cracks such homemade ointments and tinctures:

  1. In a half-liter jar, place the flowers of white lilac and fill them with unrefined sunflower oil. Place a tightly closed container in a dark place for 3 weeks. Rub the mixture in the skin of the hands at night, and after a few days you will notice that the cracks will decrease, and the skin will become soft and supple.
  2. Dilute the mummy with water (according to the instructions) and make warm lotions 2 times a day. To do this, moisten the bandage in a warm solution and apply it to the wounds for a few minutes.
  3. Excellent help in the fight against micro cracks tincture Sophora Japanese (whether vodka or alcohol).
  4. Oil from the nucleoli of the walnut will help to forget about the aching pain from the small wounds on the fingers.

Cracks in the fingers: Causes and Treatment

Warm baths help to remove cracks and dry skin. Dip the hands in the prepared warm solution for 10-15 minutes, and then, wetting with a towel, lubricate the skin with a nourishing cream. It is necessary to carry out such procedures daily until complete healing. Such weekly procedures will not be superfluous and for preventive purposes.

The compositions of warm medical baths for the skin of hands:

  1. For 1 glass of water should take 1 glass of milk and 1 teaspoon of potato starch and glycerin.
  2. For 1 liter of water, add 1 incomplete tablespoon of baking soda or sea salt.
  3. In half a liter of water add 3 tbsp. l decoction of flaxseed.
  4. Steamed in a water bath bran (1 cup) diluted with 1 liter of warm water.
  5. Broths and infusions of medicinal herbs (half a cup) with 1 liter of water. Well help to heal wounds chamomile, calendula, nettle, plantain, oak bark. They can be brewed both fresh and dry.

Cracks in the fingers: Causes and Treatment

An excellent healing effect can be achieved if you make thimbles of melted beeswax several times a week at night. During the application, the wax should not be too hot, so as not to burn the fingers and damage the already irritated skin.

Final Recommendations

If you have small wounds, redness and peeling on the fingers, try to establish the cause of this problem as soon as possible. If this is the result of mechanical or chemical exposure, the irritant should be removed as soon as possible. If the problem with the hands is only aggravated, you should not wait – you need to be examined by specialists as soon as possible and you can start taking medicines. After all, it would seem, almost harmless cracks on fingers can signal about the diseases demanding serious treatment.

Cracks in the fingers: Causes and Treatment

In any case, the proposed recommendations will help you to avoid the appearance of micro-banks on your hands and recover from this ailment.