Good reasons to eat fat if you are looking to lose weight

lose weight

Although fats are not what they were before, they are concentrated nutrients into energy many still fear their intake when slimming, therefore, from our blog we want to eliminate that fear leaving different reasons to eat fat if you’re looking to lose weight.

Why should we consume fat if we want to lose weight?

While we must always remember that fat provides 9 kcal per gram and that diet is important a caloric deficit, it has been found that a moderate – fat diet may be more effective than a low fat diet when losing weight, because its inclusion may increase adherence to treatment and therefore help you lose weight in time effectively.

 lose weight
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In addition, fats become more palatable our preparations to be determinants of ability thereof and in our brain, we can have a pleasurable response to your intake, hence fats also become more pleasant and bearable a diet to lose weight. In this way, we can encourage the intake of vegetables or come back totally attractive little light and palatable dishes.

As if that were not enough, the fat intake with variety of vegetables for example, promotes the absorption of vitamins thereof. So much so that it has been proven that fat meal increased the use of vitamin E by the body and also a study concludes that intake of carotenes with fat promotes absorption and increases the levels of vitamin A in the body.

Similarly it happens with other fat – soluble vitamins such as vitamin D and K, whose absorption is favored by fat intake.

Finally, we must not forget that certain types of fats cannot be produced in our body, therefore we can only obtain them through diet and presence in each cell is of great importance for proper operation.

So we already see that there are many valid reasons underlying fat intake when losing weight and even though they are concentrated in energy, we only know consumed in adequate amounts but every day are needed in our diet.

The importance of choosing correctly

While all fats provide ability and facilitate the absorption of nutrients, not all are equal to protect the health of our bodies, but as we always say, it is important to choose correctly.

Besides taking care not to go beyond 40% of dietary calories as fat, it is essential to prioritize unsaturated fats intake and limit the maximum consumption of trans fats.

It has been proved that monounsaturated fats consumed in place of saturated fat, can promote weight loss, even without changing the calories in the diet.

On the other hand, also it has been observed that fats rich in good as nuts possessing high proportion of food polyunsaturated fats are associated with better metabolic health.

Therefore, it is always better to choose unsaturated fats when trying to lose weight but it is essential if we lose weight successfully fats not lacking in the diet. Visit for more tips.