How to eliminate blackheads? Mask for Blackheads

How to eliminate blackheads? Mask for Blackheads

It is very important to cleanse the face every morning and every night, to clean the pores. When you are able to eliminate the blackheads, continue to follow this treatment so that they do not reappear.

Blackheads are a real nightmare because they are usually very difficult to eliminate … It is as if they are sticking to the nose (above all) and that they will never go away. And they are not only present on women’s faces, but also on men’s, even though they usually do not give importance to the thing. Prevention or elimination of blackheads is not an easy task: if you want to eradicate them, you will need to be very patient and prevent them from spreading excessively in a given area.

What are blackheads?

These famous and unsightly dots that appear in certain areas, such as the nose, chin, and cheeks and around the lips, are dead cells combined with sebum. They appear dark due to the oxidation that occurs when they come into contact with the surface.

They are not always related to acne (unlike what we can often think), but also and above all to an excessive production of fat in the skin. For this reason, they are more frequent during the summer months.

Blackheads do not appear only during adolescence. If your skin produces too much sebum and you do not clean it properly, there are more chances that these will appear. Eliminating them requires time and dedication, but above all, patience. Keep reading

It is vital to clean the face correctly both day and night. If you sweat a lot, if you do not remove your makeup before going to sleep or if you do not wash your face with plenty of water after being out, the blackheads appear more easily.

Depending on the type of skin you have, more or less rinsing will be required. Never forget to moisturize your face! Remember that once you have managed to eliminate the blackheads, you must continue to follow the same precautions because they do not appear again. Try to keep your pores clean and “closed”.  And to do that, you have to wash your face every day with cold water.

Every now and then apply best charcoal mask for blackheads: they are excellent exfoliates.

Mask with activated charcoal to eliminate blackheads

What do you need?

  • Activated charcoal – 1 tablet;
  • Granules of gelatin – a teaspoon;
  • Milk – 2 teaspoons.


  • Combine the powdered coal with gelatin.
  • Pour warm milk into the same container.
  • Stir the mixture to uniformity and heat it in a water bath until the gelatin lumps are completely dissolved. Do not forget about constant stirring and do not allow the product to boil.

Warm the mass distribute a rigid brush on the problem areas or the entire face, avoiding the zone of eyelids and eyebrows. After waiting for complete drying, remove the frozen mask from the bottom upwards that is, beginning from the chin area and ending with the forehead.

The activated charcoal-gelatin mask is one of the best remedies against blackheads. After all, with its help, you can get rid of even the smallest blackheads.