Keep Your Brain Healthy and Stop Anxiety

Anxiety is a normal reaction when there is threat around. It may cause you to fight or flight. Though it can be beneficial sometimes because it will cause you to protect yourself and be extra careful, there are also times that it is harmful because it can trigger a flood of stress hormones in the body. For more info you can visit

keep-your-brain-healthy-and-stop-anxietyThe amygdala and the hippocampus in the brain play significant roles when an alert signals the brain parts and anxiety responds. When the brain becomes wired of anxiety attacks, it will respond immediately to any alert and thus the disorder begins. Anxiety disorder is not healthy for the brain. As brain reacts to any type of alarm, it becomes disturbed.

What Happens to the Brain When Anxiety Attacks

That tense sensation in the stomach, the awareness you have about anything happening around you, and the fear you feel inside you are all signs of anxiety. As you feel all these, and even before you realize you are feeling all of these, the brain is already working. Whenever the brain perceives a threat, it could be an imminent one or just an imagination, the brain will respond through the nervous system which will secrete hormones initiating metabolic processes to allow you to cope from any sudden danger.

The adrenal glands release adrenaline and other hormones causing increase in breathing and heart beats. Other hormones on the other hand shut down and stop functioning which causes the body to be in danger.

What You Can Do To Help Your Brain Cope from Anxiety Disorder

Scientists say regular exercises can help the brain a lot in coping from anxiety disorder. Aside from that, it is also suggested that getting enough sleep can help the brain to get back to its normal functions. Nutritious diet also plays a vital role in the mental health during anxiety disorders because the brain is connected to the enteric nervous system. Nourishing the body and supplying the gut with healthy foods will also promote brain health.

If you are suffering from anxiety disorder, you should learn how to help your brain to function normally and to maintain its health. The best way to do that is to have healthy diet and healthy lifestyle.

Your brain functions to its full potential when you give it the right nourishment. Once you maintain its health, you can easily react appropriately to any anxiety attack that may come your way.