Modern Medicine And The Back

Modern Medicine And The Back

Modern medicine has many virtues but it is not perfect. There are many aspects of it that really impress. Something as simple as apparently a laser myopia surgery makes recovering the sight to a person without glasses did not recognize you at 3 meters. A person who has a serious accident with fractures in the limbs and breaks in internal organs can come to fruition thanks to advances in surgery. The antibiotics themselves have made us live longer and longer.

Modern Medicine And The BackI have always been attracted to some conditions such as appendicitis. From time to time you hear some story of a mountaineer or an adventurer who dies of appendicitis for not arriving in time to a hospital. Something that in modern society is due to a habitual injury that operates almost any surgeon, in the history of the humanity supposed premature deaths. Today popular culture does not even associate it with something mortal, when you can die of it. I remember how about a year ago, the great tennis player Rafa Nadal was putting antibiotics to continue playing despite having appendicitis. We even allow ourselves the luxury of “playing” with the disease because of the means we have.

Modern Medicine And The BackThe large number of millions invested in the development of modern medicine certainly make us live longer. Hypothyroidism, for example, is a disease that millions of people suffer and that go ahead because we have been able to manufacture in a laboratory the hormone that we lack. This makes these people able to live a normal life. I could go on talking about the virtues of modern medicine but this is a back blog and I want us to understand what it cannot give us. Knowing the deficiencies, we can take advantage of its virtues without falling into negative spirals.

In this introduction I have made we can verify that serious or life-threatening injuries find many of the solutions in modern medicine. The problem is that all these solutions really are based on a problem that has already appeared. Modern medicine attacks primarily symptoms by giving little emphasis to the causes of the problem. If we have cancer, it is removed by a surgeon or given chemo. If we have pharyngitis we will be given an antibiotic. The disease will heal but it will come back in some way because nothing has been done to change the factors that produced the problem at first.

This symptomatic treatment sometimes creates patients. There are medications for almost every symptom we can have. Popular culture adopts these medicines as habits. Your head hurts, take this. You’re dizzy, take that. Sometimes our family member or our neighbor demands it. We seldom distinguish if we are masking a symptom or if we are healing something. This can lead to a medicalization of healthy people and can make them sick. This is where modern medicine fails. He does not have a good plan for healthy people with problems until they are truly sick.

Modern Medicine And The BackLet’s see what happens in the world of back injuries. Imagine that you suddenly have sciatica due to a lumbar hernia. You go to the specialist surgeon and put you on the table the alternatives that millions of dollars have developed. These solutions are surgery. When the situation requires it will be a great solution but do not attack the bottom of the problem. If you do not have to operate, they will have you do rehabilitation. During these treatments our therapist will guide us, but what happens the rest of the day? The normal, we operate or not, is that we continue with the habits that have led us to have the hernia.

There is no pill or surgery that corrects the damage we do to ourselves with our habits. Modern society has become accustomed to having health problems solved by another. We seem to have nothing to do with what happens to us. In this weakness is where other cultures that promote improving your life, your well-being and your happiness, without waiting for you to be sick, triumph. A backache can have its origin in the unhappiness of working on something we do not like or a coughing attack from a cold. It is okay to treat the symptoms but we must understand our body better and take better care of the chassis that we must take our entire life.

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