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It is proven that the vegetation in the home or office increases productivity and has numerous health benefits. In addition, plants are a simple and accessible way to decorate any space.

In a city like ours, which increasingly loses more of its natural landscape due to monumental works that favor the traffic of cars and public transport, we need to take measures to not forget that, normally would be a green landscape.

Occupational Health, Green OfficeThe place we live in or spend most of the time should be nice, it is difficult to always be so, but an excellent low-cost solution is plants.

The vegetation in your home or office, not only serves as decoration, also favors air quality, decreases stress and improves the level of care. It creates an environment that we perceive as healthier and more natural, which increases our productivity.

Before you take a pill to calm down, buy a plant for your office. It is scientifically proven that the soothing effect produced by plants is not only effective through an infusion, such as tilapia or valerian tea, but is also effective from other senses such as sight and smell; Its odor provokes a purifying action and the visual impression, produces sensation of well-being and energy.

Green that I love you green

A research from Royal Agricultural College (RAC) in England confirmed that plants generate a sense of well-being, reduce stress and improve concentration when studying or working. According to the RAC, environments decorated with plants favor the physical and mental health of those who inhabit them. This study showed that the lack of concentration in students and workers is reduced by 70% if they are surrounded by plants. Some of the benefits of including them in your workspace are balancing the degree of humidity and purity of the air, which helps prevent cough and dry mucous, throat and skin.

Plants also favor the absorption of contaminating particles, therefore, they purify the environment.

This measure is already consciously applied in public places such as offices, schools and shops, in such a way that the right conditions are sought to generate a green environment that also fosters the creativity and productivity of those who work or study there.

A very common recommendation to lower your stress level is to lie in the grass, since it is very difficult to get it in the office, do it later. If your home is not possible, locate parks and green areas on your way home. There are plants that are more effective for reassurance like African violet, orchids, aloe and ferns. The ways of placing them can be as many as your imagination: pots of colors and diverse materials, of floor, hung in the ceiling or on the work table.

It is also very important that you think, not only in you, but also in the plant, check the conditions of your office and according to the amount of light you enter, ask in a greenhouse which is best for you. There are plants that are very resistant and easy to take care of, which need to be watered only once a week and can also live perfectly in the shade. There are others that require a lot of care and maybe you do not have the time to take care of it. Look for those that can withstand the most common environment in an office such as computer heat, air conditioning and artificial lighting.

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Here are some practical tips to achieve not only the soothing effect, but also the aesthetic:

  • Get the adapts in low light.
  • Avoid tropical plants because they need a lot of moisture. For dry environments you can use cactus.
  • Do not frequently change a site plant because it can dry out, take time to adapt to light and weather.
  • Keep your plants away from radiators and stoves.
  • Plants with flowers are not very recommendable as they fall and wither, so they will require periodic cleaning.
  • Prefers plants with a variety of greens. Do not abuse bright colors because you will revert the effect of calm.
  • Choose the color and material of your pots with neutral colors so they do not attract much attention. Or basate in the color of your wall and curtains. Think of a design that is easy to water without the water spilling. There are some plants that require little water and you can water spraying on them with an atomizer.
  • Choose plants that last all year, not those that are only seasonal.
  • There are aromatic herbs that at the same time are decorative like oregano, mint, thyme and rosemary.

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