The Truth About Love Handles And How To Eliminate Them

The Truth About Love Handles And How To Eliminate Them

Back when I was still overweight, I had huge love handles. It was like my body’s getting thin except for that bulge on the sides of my waist.

Love handles, although given a cute name, does not look cute at all. In fact, it is one of the most unappealing parts of our body.

But, what is love handles really? Well, truth be told, the “love handles” was just a given name; the real name of love handles is actually our external oblique’s.

If you raise your arm forward and you twist your body on the opposite side (like raising your right hand and then twisting your body to the left, you will see the external oblique’s, otherwise known as the love handles.The Truth About Love Handles And How To Eliminate Them

Now that you know what it scientifically is, how do you eliminate them? Well, I am glad you asked because I will tell you how you can eliminate them.

Lose Weight. The very first thing you need to do in order to lose the love handles is to lose weight. I think this is common knowledge and yet people often overlook this. When you have your diet in check and you’re constantly losing weight, your love handles will start to wither and shrink in just a matter of time. But, it doesn’t stop there. When you lose weight, your love handles, although becomes smaller, still looks soft. That is because of the presence of fat in the internal obliques (which you cannot see when you look in the mirror). How do you eliminate it? Well, on to the next tip.

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Cable Oblique Push-Pull. Well, the next tip is actually an exercise and no, the exercise hasn’t been officially named yet. That is why I called it as such because of the way the exercise is performed. What you do is go to a cable machine and set up two straps; one on each side. Then, get the straps and do a twisting motion. One side should be pushing and the other side should be pulling. It really doesn’t matter which side you’re going to push and pull because it will work both sides of the obliques at once. Be sure to get your force from your core muscles and not from your chest.The Truth About Love Handles And How To Eliminate Them

Exercise. The tip before this one is an actual exercise that will target the obliques. The last tip will be to exercise your way to a healthier you. You need to exercise in order to lose fat faster. It doesn’t matter what exercise you’re going to perform so long as you lose that weight. If you’re unsure about which exercises you should do, get the help of a professional trainer.

There you have it. I hope that this article has shed some light on the truth about love handles. Some people find it cute but I just don’t see it that way. If you want to lose those love handles, follow the tips I mentioned above.

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