What is hepatitis C?

What is hepatitis C a

The liver is a necessary organ so we can live, as it is responsible for removing harmful chemicals in the bloodstream, combats infections, helps digestion and stores energy, vitamins, and nutrients.

The Hepatitis C is a disease that affects the body, the liver, causing it to swell and can cause it to stop working properly.

The hepatitis C the virus causes hepatitis C, a germ that can cause disease and can infect others.

What is hepatitis

Anyone could get this virus, but there are certain risk groups that are more likely to get it.
Among the risk groups are the following: –

Those people who were born of a mother with the disease. That is the infection by a parenteral route.

– Those who frequently vary as a couple in their sexual relations or who have a history of sexually transmitted diseases.

– Persons who have received a blood transfusion or an organ transplant prior to the year 1992. This is because no measures were started against this type of infection until that date.

What is hepatitis C a

-Toxicomanias who use syringes to deliver injectable drugs. In cases where they are shared and not properly sterilized.

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Hepatitis C can be spread by contact with an infected person’s blood and by using and sharing any material that has not been properly sterilized such as needles, razors, toothbrushes, etc.

What is hepatitis C a

The symptoms of hepatitis C are diverse, although they do not usually occur until the virus has damaged the liver.
The most common symptoms that can occur are:

– jaundice, that is, yellowish in the whites of the eyes and skin.

-Increased bleeding when there is a wound or any other cause.

– Swollen ends.

– Chronic tiredness

-Stomach ache


– Changes in stool and urine, especially diarrhea or foreign color. To know if we have hepatitis C what we must do is to go to the doctor, who will usually ask us for a blood test. It can also be diagnosed through a liver biopsy.