5 Tricks low cost to renovate the lounge

renovate the lounge

We love to return to the routine after the holidays with a sense that premiered house while new course. All new, clean and shiny, like when we opened children’s textbooks smelling press (now with tablets is not the same, but you know what I mean)

But it is also clear that the slope of September is not the best time to spend. However, with the help of rebates and a little imagination we can reform the lounge at prices low cost.

renovate the lounge
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A good layer, all top

The best thing for a renewal low cost is changing the paint room. You can do it yourself or hire professionals; the fact is that the hall remains sanitized and sparkling. Taking advantage of the bargains you can hurl you into the arms of wallpaper, which graduated harder than ever to the delight of lovers of sophisticated decor.

Beware leave you drag emotion, because it will accompany you long enough, you must be sure both color painted paper as you are going to give your walls What do you think the horizontal stripes as wide or watercolor effect?

Moving pictures

Taking advantage of the fact paint or wallpaper, you can change the pictures of site, give prominence to those who were most hidden or hang original form.

Change the cushions

The advantage of having large furniture upholstered in neutrals is that with a simple change of cushions or gracefully spreading a blanket or plaid pattern and different colors, the room will look completely new

Exchange stays

This is an option that depends on the shape of your living room, plus you must ask for help because we do not want readers back to the routine with damaged back. Change the lounge area by the dining room and vice versa, moving the meaning of tables and chairs, can completely transform your home.

Transform the dining table

A plaid long with an ethnic print, a smooth fabric in the tone that best integrate with chintz lounge or a chair covers, a light pickling, paint the legs of a wooden table different color … the possibilities they are endless and can convert the room into a completely different place.

As you see you can return to a salon ideas completely renovated low cost. For more click here http://healthyfamilyapp.com/