A Few Tips To Keep Your Chandelier Looking Great

When you have invested so much money in a chandelier, you want it to keep its sparkle and continue to light up your life, which is why you need to make sure that you keep your chandelier looking good and working well.

Chandeliers are often complex light fittings, especially when you compare them to other, more standard options, with many parts, bulbs and elements that all need some seriously good TLC to keep everything working well together. But, when it comes to keeping them clean, this is obviously a challenge, as unless you have a lot of time, energy and the right tools and equipment, getting everything looking smart again could prove problematic to say the least.

If you have smaller antique crystal chandeliers, like those found here http://roccoborghese.com/crystal-chandeliers/borghesina-classica/ or you have a masterpiece that you won at auction for £20,000, they all need the same loving care to keep the sparkle and shine reflective of your investment.

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The DIY Approach

If you are going to go alone and clean your chandelier yourself, then make sure you have enough time, you do not rush things and you have the right tools.

Most experts suggest that you do a quick dust of your chandelier every so often, as this will make sure that you remove the build up of dust and keep the lights shining as well as they should. The latest technology for chandeliers that have been made in the past ten years has evolved so much that they need less cleaning as the crystal used normally has a coating applied to repel the dust and dirt, so in theory, needs less cleaning.

You can often use decent standard glass cleaner to clean it, just make sure you turn the electric off first. Or, you can purchase specialist crystal cleaner, which is a safer bet should you want to make sure you get the best results (but still turn the electric off first!).

The Professionals

Or of course, you can call on one of the many local chandelier cleaning professionals, the experts when it comes to coming into your home and cleaning your chandelier when you need them to. Exactly the same as how you might get your windows or oven cleaned, there are specialists out there that do this day in, day out, and for the sake of a few pounds every year, it could relieve a lot of strain and time pressure, and of course remove all the worry, which is worth its weight in gold anyway.

A quick search on Google for local chandelier cleaners is a good start, then make sure you read through some reviews and testimonials before you book the company or get them to quote you for the work.

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