Get Rid Of Cockroaches Quickly

Get rid of cockroaches quickly

Recently, many people notice in their apartment such uninvited guests as cockroaches or ants. From one thought that they are next to you, it becomes uncomfortable.

Therefore at once, it would be desirable to find a means with which help from them it is possible to get rid forever. But even in this situation, there are effective ways to control pests, which can be used at home without harm to the body.Get rid of cockroaches quickly

Reasons for the appearance of insects

Cleanliness is the first and most important way to combat cockroaches. They will never appear in a room that is regularly subjected to thorough cleaning. But if suddenly you still find insects in the house, you need to immediately take decisive action.

In order for the selected methods to be effective, you must determine the main reason for their appearance:

  • Raw room. Cockroaches often appear in places that are most susceptible to dampness (bathroom and kitchen). Therefore, carefully study the problem areas in which insects will be most comfortable.
  • The remains of food. Another reason for the appearance of cockroaches in the apartment are crumbs and the remains of food on the table or in the sink. In order to get rid of them forever, you need to always monitor the cleanliness of the house.
  • Unsanitary conditions. Perhaps, this is the most common reason for the appearance of pests. In order to eliminate this problem, you must timely and carefully clean the room. Only then the uninvited guests will not be able to step over the threshold of your apartment.

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A few simple ways to fight insects

It is worth noting that you can take a lot of time to struggle with cockroaches in an apartment. So try to collect your thoughts and find some effective ways that can help you. There are several simple and affordable methods for controlling insects at home:

  1. Boric acid is the safest and most effective way. It does not do any harm to your body. In addition, due to its wide use, the acid can be purchased at any pharmacy at a low price. If you have identified the main places of their cluster, then try to carefully process each of them. Particular attention should be paid to ventilation holes, corners, cracks, water supply system. It is important to remember that the cockroach does not die right after contact with acid. Usually, after that, several more days pass, for which he manages to infect a few more of his relatives.
  2. Low air temperatures. It is clear that this way of getting rid of cockroaches can only be used in late autumn or winter. To achieve the desired effect, you need a fairly long time to air every room in the apartment. But it should be remembered that too low temperatures can lead to problems with the heating system and the rupture of pipes. Therefore, in this case, it is better to find a more suitable method, which is suitable for use at home.
  3. Aids from cockroaches. A good method against insects is a simple homemade trap, which can be easily assembled at home. For sure in every apartment, you can find scotch and a glass jar for conservation. Thanks to them, you will be able to permanently eliminate this problem in a short time.Get rid of cockroaches quickly

Let’s look at a few simple ways to make a trap:

  • We spread the scotch side up in places where insects live. To catch as many pests as possible, pat the surface with fragrant honey or jam. This smell will immediately send them to the right place.
  • We need thick paper or cardboard. Of these, you need to cut a small strip and neatly distribute the viscous glue on the surface.
  • No less effective will be a trap in the form of a glass jar, oiled from the inside. Cockroaches will stick and cannot get out of it. In order to lure insects, you can use fresh onions. It is known that its smell strongly attracts various pests.

Use of special chemicals

To date, there are many effective tools that can help in the fight against cockroaches who have settled in your apartment. They are available for use at home and are sold at any hardware store. With their help, you will forever forget about uninvited guests.

The most popular chemical products include:

  • “Global”;
  • Dichlorvos;
  • “GET”;
  • “Combat commander”;
  • “Dohloks”;
  • the chalk “Mashenka”.

Each of these tools can save your apartment from cockroaches forever. But before using them at home, you should carefully read the instructions and do not forget about simple precautions. To prevent undesirable effects, wear gloves and a face shield.Get rid of cockroaches quickly

Preventive actions

Having determined the main ways to combat cockroaches in the apartment, you need to study possible preventive measures that will strengthen your control over the situation. There are several simple recommendations with which you can permanently get rid of many pests:

  • Regular cleaning of the room. It is very important that you always monitor the cleanliness of your home. Try to store food correctly in the refrigerator, clean the table after meals, monitor the furniture condition and take out the garbage in time. If you find a leak in the water pipes, then try to eliminate its consequences as soon as possible. Since excessive dampness can lead to the appearance of new guests.
  • Thoroughly inspect the walls and floors in the apartment. Since cockroaches can get to you from neighbors. To solve this problem very easily – cover all irregularities with cement mortar or putty. In addition, you can close the vent with a fine mesh.
  • Get some houseplants. The best way to combat cockroaches in the apartment is a flower – geranium. Thanks to a specific flavor, insects will forever leave your home.
  • Periodic treatment of the apartment with aerosol or special chalk. Even after you have got rid of pests, some time it is necessary to process a premise these means.

If you follow all the recommendations, you will soon forget about such an unpleasant problem as the cockroaches in the apartment. These methods will help to get rid of insects at home.

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