How to refresh your home’s entrance

The front of your home is the first thing you, your visitors and even any prospective buyers see – so keeping it in tip-top condition is key to refreshing its kerb appeal. The natural ageing process, excess moisture, bad weather and even the summer sun can cause fading, chipping and a lacklustre-looking outdoor area.
Don’t worry, though, there are many simple DIY methods you can use to upgrade your space and spruce it up. If your front door is looking worn, tired and in need of a freshen-up, here’s how you can improve your home’s appearance on a budget.

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Assess your door

What type of front door do you have? UPVC doors in Worcester and the wider UK are known for their budget-friendly price point and their low maintenance features. You may also find they’re less likely to fade or become damaged by inclement weather, meaning less need for future fixups.

On the other hand, if you have a traditional wood or a composite door, you might find painting is required more frequently to keep your door looking its best. If you feel your door is beyond repair, consider an upgrade to your choice of UPVC doors Worcester or a place near you.

Check the weather

Check the weather before beginning your DIY project. There’s no point getting started if a storm stops progress or washes your fresh coat of paint away. Wait for a dry spell to ensure the best results.

Choose your colour

You could repaint with the same colour again or switch it up with something new. Typically, doors are painted with more neutral colours such as black, brown, white or cream. However, sage, grey and charcoal are on-trend choices too, along with some more striking options.

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How to paint your door

Unscrew hardware first, such as removing your letterbox and knocker, before beginning. Lightly sanding down your door will help the paint to adhere. You can use a roller or a brush to get started, and once dry, add an additional coat for optimal coverage. Say hello to a fresh new entrance!