How to troubleshoot common garage door problems

Garage doors with their new technology are required to be maintained and serviced regularly to ensure they are strong and secure for years to come. Now made with additional and more complex components, it is helpful to know how to resolve common issues.

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The average garage door opens and closes around 1,500 times a year, so it is no surprise that issues relating to wear and tear can crop up from time to time.

Common issues

– An unresponsive automated garage door may have lost its power supply, so the connections should be checked. Try plugging an alternative device into the power source to see where the problem lies. Ensure the batteries in the keypad are charged or renewed.

– Noisy garage doors could be the result of loose hardware or lack of lubrication on moving parts, such as hinges, tracks, and springs.

– A door that won’t close properly needs to be inspected for debris and blockages within the tracks. Also, consult the user manual to ensure the limit settings are correct.

– A sagging garage door may need to be checked for balance. A garage door should hang evenly when manually opened halfway; if it doesn’t, the door may require rebalancing or the springs inspected to ensure they are not worn or stretched.

Garage door specialists

Companies such as Up and Over Doors Ltd supply, repair and maintain garage doors Bristol and the surrounding areas. Experts can provide advice on repairs, even if damage has occurred due to extreme circumstances such as fire, an accident, or flooding. They often have access to spare parts that were manufactured up to 40 years ago, meaning that even older models can be fixed with the right expert on hand.

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Some garage door issues can be resolved quickly and easily; however, in the event that you are still experiencing issues, it is always worth seeking the help of a professional. Taking timely action can prevent issues from escalating and becoming more problematic and costly to repair in the long term.