How does an ultrasonic cleaner work?

They are one of the most delicate cleaning units that you can get. It might seem strange that you can use soundwaves to clean things, but it is the only option in many cases. Hot soapy water is not suitable for the cleaning of certain items. The question is, how does it work?

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As the name suggests, the Ultrasonic Cleaner operates by using a high-frequency set of soundwaves. These are delivered through a special liquid. The soundwaves vibrate and scrub the parts of the subject that are in the water. A Large Ultrasonic Cleaner like that from  is one of the best examples that you can get.

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The liquid combined with the sound wave causes a scientific reaction known as the “cavitation of solution molecules”. What this means, in easy to understand terms, is bubbles. The sonic energy released by the cleaner creates extremely tiny bubbles that pound the subject that is being cleaned. The dirt and muck that is stuck on the subject can’t get a grip and are slowly knocked off. Basically, the tiny bubbles do the scrubbing and without any “elbow grease” required.

This incredible process is the only way that sensitive items like jewellery or electronic components can be successful and cleaned adequately without damage to them in the process. Science truly works in wonderous ways.

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