How does home automation save money?

Automation is saving the manufacturing and engineering industries millions, so why not take elements of this modern approach and use it to save money on home expenses? Home automation is no longer limited to the rich and famous – smart home technology is now being widely used to improve efficiency around the house, thus saving homeowners time and money.

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General benefits of automation

Did you know that tasks such as changing the temperature on your thermostat or switching lights on and off could be made more efficient using technology? More and more people are finding that the solution to conserving energy and saving on utility bills is to install programmable thermostats and lights that can be controlled remotely. A report by SafeWise enables to you to see the benefits of a home automation system for yourself.

Programmable thermostats allow the homeowner to control the temperatures of individual areas of their house from a mobile phone or tablet; for example, they can turn the heating on during their journey home from work, thereby reducing energy wastage. Meanwhile, remote control lights or appliances enable them to switch things on or off wherever they may be – no more rushing home to check that the hair straighteners are turned off! Sensors additionally ensure that TVs and lights are switched off when people leave the room.


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 Additional benefits

As already mentioned, home automation systems can slash annual energy bills, but another financial benefit to going automatic is the reduction in insurance costs. Insurers understand that these measures can reduce the risk of insurance claims relating to theft, water damage or fire damage; for instance, if a person is concerned about leaving a property empty whilst on holiday, they can choose to switch lights on to give the impression that somebody is home and deter thieves. Door locks can also be controlled by a home automation system, meaning that there is never the need to worry about whether a door is secure.

Insurance discounts for automated homes can be as high as 20 per cent, although customers must understand that their utility bills will show a gradual decrease as they adjust to the new technology and its uses. Along with these substantial savings, the increase in flexibility and the reassurance on safety, home automation technology is great for reducing your footprint on the environment.

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