How To Answer If They Ask Me Something About Me That Is Not In The CV

When you postulate to a new job, interviewers always want to go beyond what you have shared with them on your resume, in order to have a more complete view of your personality. While curriculum vitae points out facts, recruiters want to know about the person behind the job history to determine if you are a good match for the organization. In many cases, during the job interview, the open and direct question is asked: “Tell me something about yourself that is not on your resume.” This is a good opportunity to share information that stands out to the other applicants.

“These questions that seek to deepen who you are, offer the opportunity to know about your personal qualities and attributes that allow you to be a successful employee, if you get hired,” says Alison Doyle in his article “Tell Me Something about yourself that’s Not on Your Resume “from the portal.

How To Answer If They Ask Me Something About Me That Is Not In The CVOption 1: Share a strength that is not on the curriculum vitae.

Before each interview you must detail the strengths you want to convey. These types of strengths highlight an undetectable asset in your resume. For example, public speaking can be an important requirement in the job for which you are being considered. In these cases you can tell stories about the comfort you felt in job presentations, discussions with study partners and the talks you gave about your work experiences.

Option 2: Manifest an intangible quality.

When you are asked to say something about yourself that you have not shared in your CV, it is the ideal opportunity to express some advantages, which form a solid approach that coaches will be able to take into account. While your resume should already list the skills you have used to generate achievements, subjective resources such as personal qualities are more difficult to incorporate. In these cases you could share something that emphasizes your strong work ethic, showing how the sales team exceeded its annual goal by 15% and that one of the keys to success had to do with the support you provided to the staff, Yourself, business calls that helped close deals with the main customers, for that you had to stay more hours in the office and update the administrative tasks.

Option 3: Explain why you want the job.

Employers always want to know the main motivation of candidates to apply for a job, although they have already reviewed the knowledge and skills, these kinds of questions provide an opportunity to explain why the job is so attractive to you and you are willing to invest a lot of energy if you are hired. For example, if you are applying for a position where you have to deal with purchasing managers, you could say that you have many contacts in the sector, because your family has been dedicated to that field for years, but now you want to become independent.

Option 4: Share something personal

Finally, you can take this opportunity to share a hobby or interest that can positively reflect your character and become the ideal candidate for the job. This approach will make more sense to your hiring, since you have been able to convey your assets and motivations to fulfill the job. That is, if you apply for a job that requires great analysis and strategy skills you could share your passion for chess or if people are required to do work at heights, it is essential to mention the interest in rock climbing.

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When it comes to looking for work, it is important to be able to have the answers to that frequently asked question in the selection process elaborated. If you are given the opportunity to tell something about yourself, which is not in your CV, it is ideal for you to stand out and take advantage of other applicants.