How to care for your knitwear

Good knitwear can be an essential part of staying warm and cosy at the coldest times of the year, which means you want to keep your sweaters and cardigans in the best possible shape. When you put them back in the drawer for the summer, you want to know they will still be wearable when you take them out again a few months later.

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There is no such thing as clothing that lasts forever; however, there are steps you can take to extend its life:

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The best place to store knitwear is in a drawer or other compact space where it can be securely folded. Hanging it up could cause it to stretch and become misshapen, which is the last thing you want when you have stylish mens Ralph Lauren knitwear.

Comb and brush

Before you wash your knitwear, you should carefully comb and brush it. Gentle combing can help to shave bobbles, whilst a soft clothes brush can be used to remove any hairs. This process should be regular and consistent but not too rigorous.


You may have noticed that knitwear, even when sold by quality retailers such as EJ Menswear, gains ‘bobbles’ over time. There are special bobble removers available that work a little like an electric razor, enabling you to shave the bobbles away to maintain the look and feel of your knitwear.


It is mostly fine to machine wash knitwear, but keep the temperature fairly low – around 30 degrees at most. Alternately, you can handwash. As with all clothes, remember to keep colours and whites separate.


Do not hang knitwear on a clothes horse or washing line; instead, squeeze and scrunch out any excess water, then lay it flat and weigh down the edges to keep it in position. Find somewhere safe to store it, such as a drawer or airing cupboard, where it can remain dry. Wait a few days before you wear it again.

If you bear these few simple tips in mind, you should be able to keep your knitwear at its best for longer, meaning you will look good and feel comfortable every time you choose to wear it.

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