How To Protect The Child From Mosquito Bites?

How To Protect The Child From Mosquito Bites?

Already at the end of spring, when flowers and trees began to bloom in the street, one of the most unpleasant human enemies, mosquitoes, wake up. They appear wherever it is damp and a little cool. Most often, swarms of mosquitoes gather around water bodies, since nature has created the most favorable conditions for them to live there. But in a very strong heat of thirty degrees, they are hiding, because too much sun exposure is detrimental for this insect.

How To Protect The Child From Mosquito Bites?

Some mosquitoes inhabit urban homes. We can say that they are “home”. Their activity is around the clock. They are ready to wait for the victim in the morning, in the afternoon, and in the evening.

The mosquito’s saliva, which is excreted and gets under the skin during a bite, releases some poisonous substance. This substance causes redness, an unbearable desire to comb a small blister, a strong burning sensation.

Anyone should not forget that a mosquito bite can reward you not only with a light poison but also with various diseases: malaria, Japanese encephalitis, jaundice and giving HIV.

What folk remedies can help get rid of mosquitoes in the presence of children?

Stagnant water is a good breeding ground for mosquitoes – insects lay eggs there. Add coffee grounds to standing water, then the eggs will rise to the surface. So they die, and you prevent the reproduction of bloodsuckers.

Mosquito bites itch not less than the gadfly bites. Combing a swollen place can cause infection. Folk and home remedies will help to avoid the effects of mosquito bites.

How To Protect The Child From Mosquito Bites?

Folk remedies for mosquitoes are considered the most harmless to the human body. This is especially important when it comes to children. Their delicate skin suffers greatly from the bites of bloodsucking insects – in their place usually appear large red blyamba, which itch and harass the baby.

Folkways to get rid of mosquitoes in nature

One of the cheapest options would be to buy dried clove spices. In this form, it is necessary to fill it with water and boil for fifteen to twenty minutes on medium heat. Then cologne with alcohol content is added to this mixture. When applying the resulting ointment on the skin there is a chance to get rid of mosquito bites or significantly reduce the amount.

But the most intolerable odor for annoying insects is essential oils. They can be chosen to your own taste: basil, anise. But the most pleasant and irritating to mosquitoes is the smell of eucalyptus. It is enough to buy a vial with oil in a pharmacy, mix two or three drops with baby cream or milk and spread on the open surface of the body.

How To Protect The Child From Mosquito Bites?

The same oils can be used as additives in aroma candles at home or as a bonfire and brazier after using it in nature. In the case of a bite, this oil will relieve irritation and help get rid of the annoying desire to comb the body parts susceptible to mosquito poison.

Another effective way can be a fire made from coniferous branches and fir cones. They contain coniferous oils, which mosquitoes do not tolerate exactly the same way as essential oils. The same effect comes from cedar branches and cones. If you are lucky to find cedar oil, you can use it as an additive to the cream. The most pleasant thing is that cedar oil has almost no smell and does not irritate the skin.

How To Protect The Child From Mosquito Bites?

But one of the most unpleasant popular councils to repel mosquitoes will be the use of fish oil. He, too, must be applied to the skin before going out.

Folk remedies to repel mosquitoes in the house

In the apartment or the house, you can put aroma lamps or aroma candles, having previously filled in them already mentioned above by the smell of oil. Your house will be filled with a pleasant smell, and mosquitoes will not fly close to it.

You can use oils or decoctions of cloves, causing them to the head of the bed.

Do not neglect the purchase of mosquito nets, which today are made to order for the size of the window. In extreme cases, you can buy such a roll yourself in the store of household goods and stick it on the open parts of the window. At the same time, you should be aware that such a manually glued mesh is able to detach very quickly.

How To Protect The Child From Mosquito Bites?

And the last remedy that bloodsucking insects are so afraid of is elderberry. You can collect the branches of this plant in the country or outside the city and put them in a vase at home as an ornament. In addition to the decorative function, they also scare away mosquitoes.

What if mosquitoes have already bitten a child?

It is necessary to realize that not a single folk and cosmetic product will bring, in fact, the result of protection against mosquitoes. So it is not difficult to assume that a few bites, however, will appear on the body. In this case, to get rid of unpleasant symptoms and consequences will help several correct ways: aloe juice, onions, cut in half and soaked in vinegar, green leaves (especially parsley), and water with diluted seawater.

How To Protect The Child From Mosquito Bites?

The most important thing – it is worth remembering that no oil cannot be used for use against very young children. They may have an allergic reaction or irritation. The same applies to alcohol folk ointments. For babies under the age of two or three years, it is best to buy specialized anti-allergy insect cream. So you will be more calm and confident that you will not find a rash on your child’s skin.

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