How to Take Care of Structural Oak Beams

When working with timber, whether for a building, or even a shelf or wardrobe for your home, one of the toughest materials you will come across is structural oak teamwork. This can be wood that is built up over time from smaller beams and joists that are built up around beams. These are often a very durable material that can be used in both interior and exterior applications, and when it comes to repairing damage, they are able to be fixed quickly and efficiently without the use of any nails or glue.

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The first thing you should know about how to look after structural oak beams, like the ones you can get from Timberpride, is that they have a number of different woods that they are made from. This includes softwood, hardwood and medium-hardwood. You may not immediately think that this will be an issue, but if you have been working with oak for a while then you will probably have noticed that oak beams can be very stiff and have a certain amount of personality. If you find that you have damaged one of these large beams, for example, you will need to know exactly what the problem is. For example, if you have pulled one out because it is cracked, you will need to replace it with another that is the same size, strength and style.

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Once you have determined that the oak beam you have has been damaged, you will then have to decide on how you are going to repair the issue. You can either use the same type of wood that the original was made from or you can simply buy a new piece that will match the original perfectly. This will depend entirely on how much money you want to spend on your structure and what the repair will cost you. There are many people that have oak beams in their home that do not even have to make do with a new piece since they simply choose to put in another oak beam that will look just as good.


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