How Winter Can Affect Your Boiler

Winter is the coldest time of year, and the water pipes in your home can freeze and break. These issues can cause your boiler to fail to produce hot water and leave you without heating or hot baths. To prevent this from happening, it is a good idea to insulate your external pipes, cover drains, and consider annual boiler inspections to ensure small problems don’t turn into big ones. During the colder weather, our boilers are put under more strain than at any other time of the year so a little care and attention is a good idea.

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To keep your condensate pipe from freezing, make sure to regularly check it in freezing temperatures. If your boiler does break down, for example as a result of an exterior water pipe freezing and not supplying water to it, most plumbers will be able to fix this problem for a reasonable fee. They will assess your boiler and help you decide what you need. For help from Boiler Repair Belfast, visit a site such as Belfast Gas

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Some good advice to prevent frozen pipes is to leave a warm tap slightly dripping which will have the effect of keeping warmth in the system. You might also want to leave your heating on low when going out. If an exterior water pipe does freeze, you can thaw it using warm water. Just make sure it isn’t boiling water or you could end up cracking the pipe!

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