Protect Wifi

Protect Wifi

Leaving our Wi-Fi network open or with a weak protection can bring us serious consequences, it is as if you left the house door wide open.

To avoid major problems it is advisable to change the default values of our wifi router:

  •  Change the administrator password of the router to avoid unwanted access. Keep in mind that passwords are usually by default and always the same.
  • Change the name of SSID to not give clues to who intends to access our router, the name of our default wifi can indicate which company gives us the service and therefore gives clues of the known failures of the router that facilitate their users as well like the passwords they use by default.
  •  Change the type of encryption by WPA2 to be the safest.
  •  Also change the access code to the network that comes by default, having to use a robust password combining uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols, creating chains of more than 7 characters and without any apparent sense.Protect Wifi

Protect WifiProtect Wifi

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