5 Reasons That Make Athletes Better Employees

5 Reasons That Make Athletes Better Employees

The large corporations in the world have understood that the quality of a company is directly proportional to the success of its employees. In that sense there is a particular trait that the selectors must look for when evaluating the qualities of a candidate and it is to determine if the applicant is an athlete. People who practice sports professionally are usually disciplined individuals, who set goals, fight until they meet them, do not give up and are faithful to their abilities. Therefore, “recruiters tend to value those conditions that make them good employees,” says Christina DesMarais in her article ” 5 Reasons Athletes Make the Best Employees”, From the magazine INC. These are five reasons why athletes often become model workers.

5 Reasons That Make Athletes Better EmployeesThey stand out in the management of time

Any athlete gifted enough to play at the professional level has mastered the ability to be well academically, while balancing the time for practice and travel that a sport requires. “In the workplace they are the ones who can really concentrate on established tasks, be self-sufficient with the management of their schedules and reach deadlines,” says Lisa Strasman, president of NCSA Athletic Recruiting.

5 Reasons That Make Athletes Better EmployeesThey have a solid work ethic

Belonging to the elite of a sport involves practicing for countless hours, getting up early for practice or games and physically striving to win and maintain a position on a team’s roster. “Do not shudder at hard work or if you have to spend more time working to complete a task,” says Strasman. “They understand that success depends on a lot of effort.”

5 Reasons That Make Athletes Better EmployeesPersevere in adversity

Athletes know how good it feels to win, but also how to recover from a defeat and remain committed to the goal of a team. “They know how to respond to setbacks and stay in balance, which is a key indicator of future success,” says NCSA Athletic Recruiting President.

5 Reasons That Make Athletes Better EmployeesPay attention to the training

Not all applicants to a job pay attention to training. Athletes, however, are accustomed to receiving comments and criticism from coaches and adjust their behavior as a result of advice. “They have also experienced a variety of training styles, playing in different teams over the years,” says Strasman.

They play well as a team

Athletes who have been competing for years have a team mentality that is valued in the workplace. “If a team needs to stay up late for a big project, those who usually practice or practice sports will ask for the pizza for the long day and they will not slip away to go home.” Athletes are always committed to achieving goals and accomplishing the task and that the team is rewarded, not a particular individual.

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