Happy Day To Computer Programmers

Happy Day To Computer Programmers

The Day of Computer Programmers is a date to honor and entertain system workers, even in some countries of the world is declared a holiday. This celebration takes place on the 256th day of each year. The holiday was proposed in Russia by Valentin Balt, an employee of Parallel Technologies, a Web design firm. In 2002, Balt collected signatures to present a petition to the government of his country to establish a tribute to those who have had the courage to change the world. On September 11, 2009, Russian President Dmitri Medvedev signed the decree that officialized this date as the Day of Programmers. Day 256 (2 to 8) of each year was chosen for two reasons:

Happy Day To Computer ProgrammersThese professionals are in charge of writing, debugging and maintaining software codes and developing hardware and software on computers. Among the most representative programmers in the world we can find James Gosling who in 1994 invented the original compiler and the virtual machine of Java technology. Another recognized professional was Gavin King, founder of Hibernate, a popular library that provides an excellent solution for mapping from databases, as well as Seam creator. Rod Johnson is one of the developers of the best known Java we refer to the Spring Framework. It has also managed to incorporate Groovy or Grails together into a variety of products aimed at the development of Java applications.

Happy Day To Computer ProgrammersThe programmers in Peru

In our country, companies that manufacture and maintain software do not stop, on the contrary, they maintain an average growth rate of around 30%, invoicing in 2015 about US $ 500 million, informed Juan Daniel Huapaya, general manager of SES (Enterprise Software Services).

Happy Day To Computer ProgrammersAccording to Huapaya, the formal sector of software developers employs more than 8 thousand engineers, of whom at least about 6 thousand work in the six major manufacturers. The rest of the workers belong to a score of medium-sized companies that do not exceed 100 employees. In his case, Huapaya explained that they already have 400 employees in Lima and plan to increase this figure by 20%.

This will be possible not only because there is a growing demand, but because the sectors that consume these services are not so closely linked to the hydrocarbons and mining sector, which are the ones that have felt the most deceleration. It will also be influenced by the growing demand in the Government sector, which are starting to opt for outsourcing and hire specialized companies – and not their own systems area – to tailor the computer products they need.

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