Qualities of an effective community manager

community manager

On occasion we have talked about some gaffes by some responsible for managing social networks. Especially on Twitter. Over time, this work has been professionalized and companies have understood that it is necessary to have a person that is not only social but decisive.

Some brands owe part of their loyalty by customers, these workers based follow a good strategy and have a talent for communication, conquer users on the network.

community manager
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What qualities do you need a community manager of a company?

1. Empathy

Rightly or wrongly, sometimes communicate by Internet with a company; it makes us act with certain aggressiveness. A good manager of social networks must know how to deal with anger, a complaint, or simply with some followers who have a bad day. Empathy is paramount.

2. Sense of humor, if the venue permits

Some brands of products that are associated with leisure must have an optimistic attitude and provoke a smile follower while a relationship of complicity. There are several, CMs that have come out of anonymity precisely dispensing an exquisite and full of humor in perspective.

3. Passion for their work

It is easy to detect a CM who has been placed in the position, without passing through any filter where it is found their level of knowledge of this job. The vague answers, not just provide information or lack of empathy, invited to say goodbye, add comments or dissatisfied customers.

4. Measure

The numbers are crucial in social networks. What message has more or less impact? Being aware of the results of our work is fundamental. The organization of the various tasks to be performed by a CM is essential. Measure the work means to assess the effort made by a professional who manages various social networks.

Finally, a good community manager will not be one who manages to speak from different formats of the brand for which they work. That does not generate interest. The good CM will be able to generate the conversation in the community it manages.