Three Ways To Determine If You Are On The List Of Future Dismissals

Three Ways To Determine If You Are On The List Of Future Dismissals

When the representative of the Human Resources office touches your shoulder and invites you to participate in a private conversation, surely you know what follows. It is the moment where they tell you that you no longer fit into the plans of the company. No doubt, you had already heard from the conversations with some colleagues that they had made two rounds of layoffs in the last 18 months, but you never thought they would come to you. Not paying attention to some details that put you in the area of dismissal was a mistake, because it could be predicted. Getting work is very difficult, especially those jobs that provide you with adequate conditions and career lines that contribute to your professional development.

“If you are currently employed in an organization and you think you are a stable person, it would be good to take into account these three recommendations that could put you on the alert, because at any time someone from Human Resources can touch your shoulder,” says Jenni Maier in his article ” Take These Three Steps At The First Sign That Layoffs Are Coming, “by Fast Company magazine.

Three Ways To Determine If You Are On The List Of Future DismissalsLess projects in your charge

When you notice that the executives of your company no longer involve you in new important projects for the organization, it is a very dangerous indicator, because it means that your results have not been the most appropriate or your methods do not correspond to the organizational culture of the company. What is recommended in these cases is to talk directly with your manager and ask him or her to please let you know if that reduction of confidence is due to procedures or results. Because in both cases are situations that can be improved. Although, when there is loss of confidence, it is very difficult to recover when talking about a professional environment.

Three Ways To Determine If You Are On The List Of Future DismissalsPoor communication with managers

One of the most important virtues of successful companies is fluid communication between all hierarchies. If you feel that the leaders of your organization talk less and less with you, even though you are in an important position regarding the functioning of the organization, it triggers the alarms because that means that there is no enthusiasm to continue counting on your services. Many professionals neglect this way of interacting and are surprised when HR staff calls them to a private meeting. The recommendation in these cases is to always be aware of your duties and see how to improve processes. Executives value the professional who innovates and creates, they are usually immovable pieces that try to maintain at all costs.

Three Ways To Determine If You Are On The List Of Future DismissalsBudget reduction

If in spite of the reduction of projects and the lack of communication with the executives, you reduce the budget to develop your work that means that you are already in the target. The ideal is to be able to solve the issue during the first two stages, this third is, more than an alert, a declaration of dismissal, The best in these cases is to try to know what were your mistakes, so that in a next job opportunity you can avoid them . In these cases, the ideal is to put together a job search plan so that your economy is not affected and as far as possible to stay in the best way with your previous employers.

Three Ways To Determine If You Are On The List Of Future DismissalsIf you are lucky enough to know the mistakes that led to your departure, you will have the opportunity to correct mistakes and become a better professional. A bad run can be had by anyone, what makes the difference between a good and a bad worker, is the power to change.

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