Law obligations cookies

cookies law

Do you know what the obligations of law cookies are? We talked about it in more detail in this article.

The cookies are small pieces of information sent by a website that are stored in the user’s browser so that the website can see what has been the previous user activity, helping a triple identification: the computer, the browser and the user.

cookies law
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What are cookies?

Why anyone would want to have the data mentioned in previous lines? For cookies serve, first, to keep track of users. For example, when someone types your login name and password, both are saved so that the user does not need to be putting every time you want to access.

In addition, cookies also provide information about user search behavior, something very useful for advertising agencies, but also very controversial, since the user may consider that he is spying and invading their privacy. That is why some people erase or block cookies; to do some modifications must be undertaken in your browser.

What are the obligations of the law cookies?

The law requires cookies to detail the user what kind of cookies are used and allow it to decide whether or not to accept the use of them during browsing of the website. All professionals or companies providing any type of service via the Internet must comply with these regulations.

To do so, the webs must have a mechanism, which, as we mentioned earlier, instruct the user some information on cookies, and granted the opportunity to decide if you want information about your browsing or not collect. As for what the Web should explain to the person who wants to access your site, they should clarify what is a cookie, to serve, how to disable them in your browser and other references that give further references on the subject.

If you think your website is not compliant, you will have to contact a web provider that suits your site to it. At the moment there are not many websites that have suffered fines, but you never know when you can get serious matter.