Five Haunted Places to Visit in the Stroud Area

A place that always has something fun and interesting going on is Stroud. This is a special place in the Cotswolds, full of history and yet also home to modern businesses like this Stroud Business coach – there is always something going on in Stroud.

Whether you want to visit one of the most popular and thriving farmers markets in the country on a Saturday or join one of the many local clubs there is really something for everyone.

Of course, a town which has so much history will also be a place that has lots of special residents – ghosts! If you are on the hunt for some spooky stories, there are an abundance of places to visit in Stroud – here are just a few of them…

Berkeley Castle – This is a beautiful local landmark and is highly popular with visitors. However, it is famed for its ghoulish history, as it is the place where King Edward II was killed. It is said that every year, on the anniversary of the date he was killed his screams can be heard reverberating around the room where it happened.

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Old Bell Hotel Dursley – There have been many strange reports from this haunted pub in Dursley. It is believed to be haunted by the spirit of a young maid, who had fallen pregnant by her boyfriend who then went off to war. When he didn’t return, the girl killed herself and her spirit now roams the Hotel and rearrange and move various items in it.

The Ragged Cot Minchinhampton – This is a pub with a very violent history, and it is believed to be a particular event many years ago that has led to the pub being haunted to this day. It is believed that the former landlord who owned the pub in the 18th Century attempted a coach robbery. He was heavily intoxicated and armed with two pistols. When his wife, carrying their small baby tried to persuade him to stop, he drunkenly pushed her and the child down the stairs where they died – and they have haunted the Ragged Cot ever since that day.

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The Amberley Inn – The beautiful Amberley Inn is in the middle of the idyllic countryside and a popular place for those looking for a bite to eat and a place to stay in the Cotswolds. It is also said to be haunted by the ghost of local highwayman Tom Long, and many strange events have been reported inside.

Randwick Woods – This picturesque place that many people enjoy walking in is also the place that many ghostly sightings have been reported. It is said that there are many tunnels beneath the woods which go back centuries, and as a popular spot for highwaymen it is little wonder that many report hearing hooves of horses in the wood although not being able to see them.