Wielie Waeber, Mystic Tattooist

Wielie Waeber, Mystic Tattooist

This is an article I want to write for a long time! And what’s good is that he will allow me to tell you more about Wélie, a tattoo artist whose style I love.

I know at first you would not think I’m a fan of tattoos. In fact, it shows little home! I only have three, little ones, but I am one of those who think that it is not necessary to cover oneself with ink to appreciate this art and what it represents. For my part, I like the tattoo in its tribal sense, in its primary symbolism. The rites operated by some tribes, ancient or existing, as the transition to adult status or scarring the skin when ‘ an individual has achieved something important in his clan. Write your story in a few ways.

Wielie Waeber, Mystic TattooistWielie Waeber, Mystic Tattooist

I take this ancestral art as a way of attributing one’s body, one’s human flesh, and to make the link between one’s soul and one’s physical body. An act whose meaning is deep. Moreover, for people interested in tribal tattooing, I recommend this book on the subject. Well illustrated, fun to read and a real source of inspiration: Regarding my three tattoos, they have, for each of them, been carefully considered. Several months or years each time . I started at age 24, with a text, 3 sentences, values ​​that match me and that make my life. I then had them translated into Tibetan and had them tattooed by this incredible artist, of origin

The second tattoo, I did it a little less than 2 years after coming back from a humanitarian trip to Tanzania, a journey that marked my life. I fell in love with their language, Swahili, and wanted to engrave my fundamental value in this language on the front of my shoulder. This sentence means Respect Life (In its broad sense, animal, vegetable and human)

I was waiting for a special occasion to do it. The opportunity presented itself in the west of the USA. While I was on a 3 week road trip with my husband, my dad died of cancer. I suddenly needed to mark this passage of life and told myself that this symbol would reason not only with the departure of my dad for the other world, but also with all that I was living during this trip. Great mystical parentheses of my life. The last leg of this journey was Las Vegas. So I looked on the web for a tattoo artist who can do dot work (understand the technique of filling the tattoo with very small dots … Like “pointillism” in painting, in some ways) and came across this guy, Nicolas Roussin. Given his name, I was pretty sure he was Apple tattoo , living room in which he works. The appointment was set for the evening itself.

The result is totally in line with my expectations and I must admit that I’m crazy about this little moon! Nico worked well and was totally listening to my request. Patient and professional. I recommend it to anyone wishing to get a tattoo.

Now back to my favorite: Welie. She’s here on the picture. Finally, it’s his back what. Pretty sweet, tattooed, with a sweet look, her thing is her mandalas, unalome and other ohm or mystical symbol. Adept at the dot work, she knows how to create complicated original mandalas filled with dowry as well as small pieces that require a special precision, like Indian ohm.

It was through the piercing that she started in the middle of the body modification. At 18, she was trained in a salon and a 21-year-old, she became manager of a shop in the city of Friborg, Switzerland. One day, while she works in London, her colleagues, tattoo artists, ask her for a “little tattoo”. Something she had never done before! She tries it as best she can and quickly takes a liking to it. After years of practice and improvement, she is today at the head of her tattoo parlor and piercing and I think I can say that she is today one of the most famous tattoo artists in French-speaking Switzerland in her field .

I’m happy with her success because, besides being talented, Welie is really a beautiful soul. Sweet and kind, it radiates and gives off a kind of natural benevolence.

You will find her in her living room in Friborg alongside Sven Waeber, her husband, a gifted needle too. His work is worth a look and no doubt many of you will greatly appreciate his leg. A beautiful duet!

Note that besides the traditional meetings (expectations of several weeks), Welie regularly organizes flash tattoo days! During these special days a board of models designed by Welie, and all different, is proposed. The goal being that the interested people go on the spot the day D, choose their tattoo (the model not being available for the others once it was chosen .. it is thus the first arrived which is the first served!), pay the agreed sum and be tattooed in the wake. The benefits of these days are donated to charities that Wélie supports.