Secrets Of Cheerfulness After A Sleepless Night

Secrets Of Cheerfulness After A Sleepless Night

Many often face the need to stay up all day. When you spend the night at work, school, preparing for an important event, you usually do not feel how tired you really are. On the contrary, sometimes you feel like a hero who accomplished an incredible feat. But later, after sunrise, when you need to be included in the usual daily schedule, all the enthusiasm disappears somewhere. How to be vigorous after a sleepless night? We decided to share with you good ideas for maintaining energy throughout the day.

Ways That Really Work

If you didn’t sleep well last night or didn’t sleep at all, the following actions will help you wake up quickly and feel cheerful;

  1. Turn on the light and be as close to it as possible. Bright light prevents the formation of melatonin (a hormone responsible for sleep).
  2. Wash in cold water or take a cool shower. This procedure instantly refreshes the body and activates brain activity.Secrets Of Cheerfulness After A Sleepless Night
  3. Make yourself a cup of green tea or coffee. Drink it slowly, enjoying every sip. However, you must remember that too much coffee or other energy drinks will be of no use. It is important not to exceed the caffeine dose: if you drink more than two cups of coffee at once, you can overload your nervous system and lose concentration. Yes, with the help of power engineers it is easier and quicker to cheer up, but then even greater tiredness will follow.Secrets Of Cheerfulness After A Sleepless Night
  4. Listen to optimistic music. It can be jazz, rock or any other rhythmic melody that will finally wake you up.
  5. Get out in the fresh air. A short 20-minute walk will improve blood circulation, speed up the heart rate, help you wake up and feel much better. If possible, in the morning, turn your face in the sunlight.Secrets Of Cheerfulness After A Sleepless Night
  6. Air the room if the walk did not work. Open a window or turn on the air conditioner. In a room where it is cold, it is easier to stay awake.
  7. Drink more pure water throughout the day. This will increase productivity and eliminate the symptoms of lack of sleep.
  8. Eat more vitamins. Exclude junk food from your menu, fast food. Focus on fresh vegetables and fruits, such as carrots, pumpkins, bananas, which are well toned and uplifting, as well as on dishes from chicken, fish, and dairy products. Divide the food into 5-6 receptions: this way your body will get enough energy.Secrets Of Cheerfulness After A Sleepless Night
  9. Get to work. If you are too fixated on your fatigue, it will only aggravate the condition. Do some work, but try to avoid overly responsible and difficult work or important decisions. Assess your opportunities soberly.Secrets Of Cheerfulness After A Sleepless Night
  10. Get rid of toxins. Not everyone knows that our intestinal bacteria have a circadian rhythm. If you do not sleep all night, more lip polysaccharides are formed, which cause a feeling of tiredness, depression, and suppression of the nervous system. To safely remove them from your body is enough to drink 4 tablets of activated carbon.

And another tip: after a sleepless night, do not drive! As practice shows, a sleepy driver is not better than a drunk. Ask someone you know to drive you, walk, or go home by taxi / public transport.

Think; is it worth it for a long time to deprive yourself of sleep?

Lack of sleep, and sometimes its absence for several days, is a problem of modern people. Not everyone can afford to take 7 or 8 hours of sleep, and then they wonder why they are so lethargic and irritable. Scientists have conducted experiments and studies that proved: to sleep a little is bad for the body:

  • labor productivity decreases;
  • blood pressure rises;
  • there is anxiety, no motivation;
  • It becomes difficult to concentrate.

In the long run, those who are constantly losing sleep, expect obesity, diabetes, depression, memory impairment, heart disease, and even accidents.

Secrets Of Cheerfulness After A Sleepless Night

Doctors say that there is no substitute for good sleep. Recovery of all functions after a week of sleep deprivation sometimes takes several days. Do not wake up at night with your constant habit, try to avoid it if there is no critical need!