Making a gorgeous garage

The garage. What is it actually used for nowadays? It was once the domain of Dad. He would keep the car in it and carefully withdraw it from the breeze block or prefab concrete sides for a trip out to some dull National Trust property or grand visit to a relative. At the back of the garage he kept his tools and weed killer which you were under strict instructions not to touch. It was a place of practicality and function and did what it was supposed to. However that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

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The garage is now becoming something akin to a storage facility. It’s the place where furniture that you don’t need anymore goes to die, or at least live in purgatory until you take it to the skip. It’s the Green Mile for all those items that ultimately are going to become recycled or even worse, landfill.

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It doesn’t have to be that way. Start with the way you get into the place. A Garage Doors Bristol based company like can have your garage looking like it’s new on the outside within hours. On the inside you could clear it out for the car or bikes (or weed killer) and have it back to its original purpose again. A growing number of us are not bothering to put our cars in the garage anymore. Why take the risk of it getting damaged and worn by the elements? Get it where it’s supposed to be.

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